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Josh and Traveler talk about the meeting in Green Bay

We need to facilitate a High Table meeting, Josh said. Too much has happened for us to deal with all the issues via Presence or phone. I talked to my friends, the Whoschouts, they are Blue Circle, but independent, not associated with any High Table. Their area of interest is Green Bay Wisconsin. They can help us set up and run the meeting in a way that stays below the radar line.

Turns out, folks in Green Bay are serious football fans and when they watch games they like to drink a lot of alcohol. In fact, when they aren't watching games, they tend to tipple. That makes the entire system sloppy. We will set the meeting up for a Sunday, travel wearing logo stuff, and we should be able to blend in. Our hosts have a meeting room in a faraday cage right in the downtown bar area with 3 major exit vectors, ALWAYS know your exit.

Josh continued, I'm all too aware that most of the High Table council are more comfortable in the Pacific Northwest. But, if we bring all the leaders togethe…

Johnny Wincolini airplane camping

Character, setting, plot, conflict, theme

Johnny Wincolini, PMP, ran a crew of Down los in the Emerald City. Gifted kid, general population overcomer, endowed with an innate system of motion simulation. Messaging in Seattle is serious business, these are some of the largest corporations in the world. In the summer he liked to hang out just South of the border, bought property way up on the cliffs along Chuckanut Highway. Left it as is, North Western forest on the Pacific. All he did was sink a mooring docking port, designed to rest a plane. Drilled it himself with a plane mounted laser drill. Took 14 recharges; he came to know and love Paine Field.

When he could he would slip away, take his Dornier Seastar hybrid rigged for camping up the coast docking just South of Larrabee with an automated hover down onto his airplane docking port, best view and smell of Buckingham Bay, pass me a Samish oyster.

When he was younger he was a runner for Darcey Doe from Heaven's Kitchen and applied…

Bots vs CRISPYs 2 13

Gloria didn't stop after decontamination. The slip slap recovery operation had almost certainly blown things for Malagasy Eats, needed to get them out now. Fortunately, down los are the definition of street smart and had started moving out of HK to facilitate pick up. Yolanda was willing, happy actually, to have them settle with her; refugees with a welcoming destination, it makes all the difference.

Just back to her bunk box, Ms. Silver fell face down on the floor, implored, poured her heart out to the LORD. The loss of half of the recovery team assigned to me. I feel like a young lieutenant in Vietnam. I thank you for the wise old "gunnery sergeant" Calahan, I tried to listen, but I just don't understand. It was a critical objective and we came up short. And mumbled in a "Jesus name", cause that's what you do.

The debrief was in 2 minutes. Sprightly Gloria didn't want to go, couldn't focus, but she was a PSE team leader, you have to rise to th…

Parking Lot (idea stash)

We currently have no king, just a few independent high tables. Some say that Jesus is that king.

2/9/18 Madagascar First locusts consumed vast swathes of farmland, then droughts, cyclones and floods hammered the Indian Ocean island state, adding to the destruction, marbled crayfish took advantage of the water to extend their range. Finally, last year, the plagues: bubonic, septicemic, and pneumonic swept over the country, infecting over 20,000 Malagasy and killing more than 2,000, according to the World Health Organization. Bubi must be bracing himself for frogs.

2/8/18 Frederick & Nelson former department store Seattle went out of business, also former Seattle Sonics basketball team, Natatorium park in Spokane, closed in 1967. Use them as live places in the book.

2/8/18 Retired Pope Benedict XVI revealed in a rare letter published in an Italian newspaper Wednesday that he's in the last phase of his life, and is on his "pilgrimage home."

“YouTube is something that looks …