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Done 1.3 remainder is for book 2 Carbon King fifty years ago

Traveler and Gizmo flew into the ranch and picked up one of the Carbonados. All the vehicles on the ranch were rigged for the outback including body cooling if required. They would head up mountain on 90 till it was washed out at about 1.6k elevation about 41.547071, -117.594068. They had a portable bridge and with the dual winches, hoped to be able to pick their way, but in the end they would be on foot. Bring water, lots of water. It wasn't 10 AM yet and the temp gauge was pushing 48°, it would be a bit better upland.

Gizmo loved roadtrips and was looking forward to this one with Traveler, there is no better way to really get to know someone than to travel with them he thought to himself. As they bumped along, he asked, "So this is where it all happened? How did you become the king of carbon anyway? They had lab created diamonds since forever, what drove you?"

Traveler smiled, waited his trademarked pause before answering and said, "I never wanted to be a farmer o…