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Bots vs CRISPYs 13

PRESENCE: Wonk, I'm H Potter Whimsy, I was referred by Angelica
Pleased to meet you, what's up?
The latest Zing Zang AI construct, has been stolen.
A Miami! Physical theft or did they slurp the docker?
Locate and recover or overwrite?
SSR SSP Recover would be nice, we would prefer to oversee the overwrite in controlled circumstances. It isn't just a single operational CPU, they took the factory, the scientists, all the data, everything right down to the lint on the carpet.

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Origin of the Zing Zang brand name. Zing comes from the word amazing. Zang was a cloud service provider that got squeezed out of the business by the mega-corporations. They found a niche making application specific circuits for iBones. They were the first to develop goal based biological CPUs.
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And this is a big deal, worthy of a zero dark thirty wakeup a week after I am back from my honeymoon, asked Wonk

Remember that science report your HNN Research published…

Keeling curve, climate change


Another heat record set for the bank holiday in the UK. Uttar Pradesh, India scoured off the face of the earth by a dust storm; nothing left. Charleston ,South Carolina abandoned after the last King tide. Every day, thousands of acres of land in the South Western US were falling into the inhab category. The Flat Earth ruling party of the US Congress demanded the climate scientists report what they know.

The problem sir, is we don't know where to find the climate scientists, or even anyone in natural sciences, Ricky Tiki explained to the speaker of the house, one of the most influential voices of the Flat Earth party.

Ryland Poll, sat back in his leather board room chair in the Real Wood™ paneled room, didn't even comment, he simply cast his gaze on the underling, waiting.

Well sir, the government is a big place, so there might be some scientists in a lost and dusty department somewhere, but in the past decade budget policy has resulted i…

Characters, Sci Fi elements and Vocabulary

The "Gang of nine", "gang" is first mentioned in 1.3 a bit informally, 1.5 strengthen the meaning, 1.15 lake house, (post collapse - book 2), billionaires that have teamed together to try to make sense of the world around them. Introduce and characters develop in book 1. Gang of seven is post HNMNBM, some are, some were former, some never.

Wonk, Lion, beaver, a touch of crow, second youngest of the seven. Not HNMNBie, jokes he likes fleece too much, American/Filipino, Escrima. He makes his money running close to the edge; giving great service, respect the edge. Started with Hot and Friendly Bikini Barrista, (later renamed Curvaceous Coffee), (his sister was the first bikini barista), quickly came to understand the economics of coffee and at a time when coffee was getting harder to come by with climate change. Next he opened Backcomb Hair spa which benefitted from doing the fittings for WTG tacticals, (bullet/fire resistant clothing). The contacts with la…

Table of Contents HNMNBM

Title: HNMNBM - Loving life in the deep state

HNMNBM is science fiction romance. The purpose is to entertain, challenge, and inform. The book the story of three young men finding their place in life at the end of the 4th industrial revolution and the people they meet, love, and struggle with. It is a time of heightened violence, political polarization, pollution, waste, climate change, and economic change, (fiat currency, gilded age). Against that backdrop, the group must work together to survive, worship and prosper.

NOTE: If the book is successful, the plot design allows for expansion into a trilogy, (HNMNBM, Blue Circle, and Citia).
Intelligence, life will find a way, ai, AI, goals, human, canine, rat?
Ecology, carbon, plastic, glass
Natural disasters, hurricane, bomb cyclone, fire, earthquake,
Water bottles, tap water is dangerous, (called raw water), most characters carry water bottles, neopuritans take it to extreme,
Violence, political polarization
Debt, personal, corpo…