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When silence doesn't mean consent

Several decades from now. . .

Following the disastrous presidency of Manuel Lopez,  the Flat Earth Party ceded control of the presidency, senate and house to the Social Justice party for eight years. In their time the SJs managed to close the debtor prisons, restore fire and rescue services to most of the country, but were unable to execute the fiscal discipline to pay down the debt.

Citizens of the United States were looking for an answer, a leader, someone that could deal with crime, drugs, supply chain poverty and the brain drain as professionals sought to leave the country for opportunities in Canada, Europe and Latin America. The perilous times seemed custom made for the campaign of Jason Parkland, rising Flat Earth star.

Rutherford Beto Hayes, shook his head back and forth, "You can't mean that, he's a reality TV personality, not an experienced politician. And he is certainly not a constitutionalist."

Jacques Tremblay replied, "Safety over Freedom. We'r…