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Cassandra Geoengineer

Julie Florence Ghailani was born April 1, 1941 on a cloudy 9 degree centigrade morning in San Francisco, the same day her uncle seized power in Iran. She had a normal childhood until she started experimenting with the occult in her 15th year.

Once, as Yolanda's grandfather was on his way to the office, Julie met him on the street in a red dress with a plunging neck line, by this time she was 18, sexually enslaved and gifted with a spirit of prediction and made a large profit for her owner by fortune-telling and other activities.

Rosario was amazed, alarmed and annoyed when she said, "You want to manipulate the weather with Tesla coils using energy in focused microwaves and the heat released by carbon dioxide."

Every aspect of our weather today is being altered and manipulated by geoengineering programs, including hurricanes / cyclones. Operators on the ground, wearing hijabs, driving a fleet of lime green Kia Souls, place sensors that are used as control points where ne…