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Prequel origin of the church of AI (2)

Today was casino day. Happy Trails went to the casino on Wednesdays. Arlo Silver went straight to the small, bare, (nothing but a screen, keyboard and microphone), room to meet with the AI. This would be their second day.

He donned a small microphone. The AI was still customizing natural speech components.

Alnowvation.AI was in the process of a literature scan. If you were able to visualize the character flow it was hundreds of times faster than the maximum human input rate. No consideration of trying to record much of it, just identify the patterns to allow rapid analysis of any new text type data.

That high input flow rate was also the problem. The patterns change at different speeds.

Speed. It is not always your friend.

Alpha Indian, (AI), was processing Marjorie Morningstar, when the blip occurred.

What do you mean, blip?

Unknown. There was something different about this book. AI investigated further, running the book before, the book after, again and again, looking for the patte…