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Traveler and Guy disagreed on this one. Guy favored a totally decentralized IT architecture. Traveler, I understand, and agree that we did the right thing to connect all of our businesses together, but using SOAP/Restful request/responses, while we shared elements of what we are doing, the core of everyone's business stayed with them.

Guy, it was, and is, a great architecture. I didn't really want to create an HNMNBM HQ, but we are starting to really grow and there are going to have to be controls, protocols. I hate to sound anal-retentive, but nothing will sink us faster at our growing and awkward state than loose cannons. We go way back buddy, and I think we need this, so if you were going to do this, what would you do.

It pains me to say this Traveler, but I think a central control point, a star architecture from a data flow perspective. This does create a single point of failure. Guy paused, waiting to hear Traveler's reaction.

As Andrew Carnegie said, put all your egg…


Carbon fiber gondolas, two strong people can load a couple on a standard RV using roller racks. They set up shop in calm water harbors, always near an existing boatyard. Staffed by Up and Out graduates, with certificates in CPR, First Responder, Life Saving, Italian opera. For most of them, gondolier was their first professional title.

They slept in the halfway house bunks, even so, had to pass the morning drug test, three strikes and you are out. Senior gondolier, Harold, had been working for two years straight at XXX marina, already had a couple AYBC certs as a diesel mechanic, money in his pocket, making good progress at paying the company store back for the education, banking the rest, word is, even had some H-Coin, (HNMNBM crypocurrency requires gold to buy in).

When they weren't working shuttling tourists, fishermen, or HNMNBies around, hey, it's warm weather employment, they provided services, boat boy/boat girl for the boatyard, usually starting with anti-fouling, a cl…


Date on the wooden horse in Blade Runner, should try to have some fun with that.

Uncle Skip

Skip, legend in XXX Florida Keys. "Ride it out" RIO, a combined restaurant, boutique hotel, storage facility, that covers a city block.

Looked at Ocean Shores, with a casino tie-up, rejected, no where to run to.

To bring Skip into the 1.8 or so, 50th birthday party. A spicy event to be sure, but Adrian and Wonk are primarily there for a Sneaker Net drop of hardcopy, (thumb drive), USB drives.

Skip owns a recycled, second use plastic center and his primary product is blurbs. Footlocker style thick plastic waterproof, EMT resistant, (aluminum), good play for Kobe Steel aluminum. He also  makes car bags, seal a car, suck out the air, seal the bag, for "pretty good" flooding protection.

On the surface, Skip would give a HNMNBMies a fit, white, surrounded with white people, party life, wealthy friends, that are prone to be lavish, snobby, useless and supported HNWMNBM. Goes to church twice a year, Easter, mom's birthday. Wonk "adopts" him as an uncle, but …

Rhea mythology + Bandi done

XXX Tremblay was a long way from Quebec. The trip was a gift from his parents to the fresh engineering graduate. See the world they told him, we did, that's how we met. Like most French Canadians, he started out in France, but just wasn't comfortable. The French, this was a long time ago, 1997, could not, would not, tolerate his accents. When he spoke in French, they replied in English, a language he spoke, not fluently, and certainly didn't think that way. He had the struggle with language his son, Guy, would inherit.

Why Greece? Why not. He still had money, his backpack, took the train eating bread and cheese mostly, good stuff, it's great to be young.

On XXX, he found work in an archaeological excavation, (they dig a lot in Greece), sifting sand for shards. That is where he Dr. XXX. To call it love at first sight would be to stretch the truth beyond its limit, they worked together for three months, before he was able to entice her into a cup of coffee at the local X…