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D Trufax and Mindpad merger 1.7

Mergers and acquisitions follow a predictable cycle. During favorable conditions: low interest rates, limited opportunities for organic expansion, minimal government interference announcements happen weekly. Nobody cares, except traders on Wall Street, billionaire hedge fund investors and of course the competitors in affected industries.
End Textbox

Nobody really noticed when Trufax, one of the nation's five credit data bureaus began merger discussions with social media giant, Mindpad.

Yolanda, one of the founding investors in Trufax noticed and smiled. As she explained to Clara Bow, CB, there are two reasons artificial intelligence is stuck in the realm of being a moderately useful assistant.

First, we haven't fed them enough data. You would think Trufax would have that, but it is sterile, lifeless stuff. Good structure, dry bones in need of flesh and sinew. With Mindpad, we can marry the name, birthdate, credit history, to where they go, what they do, the photos the…

D Fight at Pedro's compound 1.9

First one over the wall broke the light plane. The solar lights on the compound wall looked decorative, were decorative; in addition, each one linked to the light on either side. If you want to scale the wall without being sensed, consider poll vaulting.

Office dog heard it too, woo, woo, woo, growl, but those are not empty barks. kane curso mastiff disturbed from his slumber. Wonk was 3,000 kilometers away, but he would tell you alarms and dogs are only part of the solution. How many people have had their security alarm go off, only to crouch in fear in the dark, trying to dial 911, knowing this is moment the bad man is coming. Detection is great, but you also need response.

Pedro's dashboard showed both PSEs in the compound were online, he greenlighted using the sound canon.  Adele's' Rolling in the Deep came on, the funeral dirge version, loud and with harmonies like no one has ever heard.  Sound cannon, the kind they put on cruise ships to disrupt pirates, hit the firs…

D Frank Benin and Dorothorea Dix 1.6

Uh, oh, Frank snapped awake. He was in his imagination station, his name for his maker lab.

Semi conscious, his mind was replaying coming home to find his wife and son gone, everything taken, joint savings and checkings; you are worth what we can take you for.

As Frank stands up, he notices an artist rendition of a crow that Traveler himself has given to him. Have you ever felt like talking aloud to no one in particular? This is what Frank says to the crow.

3 years later. I need a shower.
Tonight I have a date with Dorothorea.

Dorothea is a sprite, a gypsy, a free spirit.
She's Juliette Binoch in Chocolate.

My best friend's name is Digwert.
That sums up my life.

 I've got a good business, let's me live to invent
Making is creating, building, adjusting and repair.

I don't know what she sees in me
I know what I see in her

We'll go out tonight, have a drink tonight,
Talk and smile and just be tonight

And maybe,
It's the start of a romance.

Sleeper botnet 1.10

Andrew felt that joy every researcher and writer feels when the post is done and published. Put his feet up on his oak quartersawn desk, opened a bottle of kambutcha. Like. He smiled, it is great to be appreciated. Like, like, like. He shook his head, I'm good, but nobody's that good. Like, like. Maybe I will collect a couple minutes worth.

$ cat *Millo*like > like.txt

And look at with Gephi. Hub and spoke pattern. Each entry has a tiny URL, but they only point to these.

Drop in: Guy, gotta minute?
PRESENCE: What's up
It's just a botnet of the scantily clad webcam variety, but there are a couple twists, every 6 or 7 nodes has a controller.
Like cells in the cold war, asked Guy?
Huff, sort of, hadn't thought of it like that, Andrew replied.
OK, basics, repeated photos, reversed photos, repeated text?
All of the above.
Then report it to the website it means nothing, bigger fish to fry.
Well, before we close the books does the fact some of these accounts are older …

HNN reports whale watching accident 1.6

HNN News Flash
A Social Justice, Flat Earth and HNMNBie politician walk onto a sightseeing boat leaving from Port Allen. The SoJo says we need to do something to protect the humpback whales, Flat says, no, the humpback whales have protected themselves for years, last thing they need is more government regulation.  HNMNBie says, as usual, you've both got it backwards, here comes one now.

Unfortunately this isn't just a joke, it actually happened when a whale watching tour apparently got too close to a baby whale still figuring out how to breach safely and crash landed on the boat.

Perkins: You may find it unlikely that a Flat Earth Party and a Social Justice Party politician would be on the same boat this congressional recess and you would be right. Representative Dorothorea Dix had originally scheduled her tour with Captain Ricky's, but his boat was badly damaged in a freak squall last week resulting in a death and several serious injuries. She was rebook…

D Beau Williams second chance 1.8

The prophetic words of Mr. Rate were proved out. Whoever fired that FBI Agent's probably politically dead now. That's how conspiracy works.

Sure enough, 3 weeks after breaking his promise, Beau learned, via Social Media, that he had been fired, ending 33 years of government service. His family returned to their farm in their native Alabama.

Daisy, I know a lot has happened and I don't want it to come between us, Beau said.

Daisy May paused searching for the right words. Beauregard, we have been married for 41 years. In that time, I have tried to live my life so that you can have full confidence in me, to manage our household so that you lack nothing of value.

With your blessing, I have been building a clothing company focusing on wool and flax and it is doing well. Even if they do to you, what you did to that man, God will provide for us though that.

Time passed. Beau was mostly alone, his home church, Mt. Ararat Baptist, accepted him back, people generally tried to be sup…

D Package insurance 1.8

The young man was a bit nervous, he was briefing Wonk himself. But Up and Out had been good to him and his family; he had trained for this.

Background Slide:
Report by PSE Johnson, assigned to evaluate on the growing package insurance industry and potential impacts to Wonk Protective Services.

For over a decade most Americans have purchased an increasing number of the products they want and use. This has resulted in a number of "last kilometer delivery issues".

First it was porch pirates. Countermeasures including cameras and property protection bots reduced the number of incidents. Currently that sort of property crime activity is generally attributable to the most desperate of criminals.

Current Condition:
Starting April 6, the dramatic increase in local bomb incidents began. There was a lot of media activity spawning apparent copy cat activity. Last month there were 2,606 package bomb fatalities or injuries nationwide. The Seattle area has been hit particularly hard with…

Interagency Working Group for Security and Order 1.7

Beau Williams had a number of obstacles ahead of him. The biggest one was that Deep State was neither Deep nor State. 4 Successive administrations of politicians more concerned about their own interests than the health and strength of the nation had gutted the nation's law enforcement in a number of ways. When the average US citizen read the words Deep State most of them did not know that they were almost certainly speaking of contract employees, who, with each passing day, were operating with less and less central control.

The night before his confirmation hearing he told his wife. Honey, to chair the interagency group in its current form is almost certain political suicide. But someone needs to try to turn this around.

Daisy May shushed him. Beauregard, just make sure you remember what my father told you on his death bed.

Beau nodded. My word is my bond. Be careful with my words. No human can tame the tongue, it is a restless evil, full of deadly poison. The words I say are the …

D Flat Earther saves 1.9

Would you listen to this Guy said to Coral, A Flat Earth sailor saved his coast guard cutter from falling off the edge of the world and I quote:

"Boatswains Mate 3rd Class Jeremy Kane on Tuesday rescued the Coast Guard Cutter Waesche from dropping off the edge of the Earth about 200 miles off the coast of Hawaii, sources confirmed today.

“After reading my favorite flat earth Instagram accounts and replacing all the charts in the chart table with my own custom drawn flat earth maps, I knew we’d be safe,” said Kane. “C’mon sheeple! You see the earth is flat because our maps are flat, plus you can see it’s flat when you stand on it. If you read up on all my blogs about the Zetetic Method and the correlation between the Kennedy assassination and the mole on Cindy Crawford’s face, you’ll see how incredibly right I am.”"

No, it does not say that? Who's Cindy Crawfor…

D Hector, Chester, and Bandi go to a concert 1.6

The concert is tonight remarked Wonk.

I already asked mom, said Guy, she will bring Bandi Boy by on her way home from Bestow.

Thank you, said Wonk. With Cody Boy suddenly in Hawaii, a switch up made sense. Unlike Cody, Bandi didn't have his full visual impairment service tickets, but Hector would also have Chester

They chose ride share for transportation. It is a step below self drive in status and the driver could help spot the trio. They chose to buy the entire time slot, a decision that would prove to be doubly wise. Chester asked for and received permission to leave a bag in the car. It included a small SW defined RF receiver. The driver dropped them off and parked.

The general population was waiting for their doors to open, they had gold circle tickets. The lady at the counter was trying not to stare. Hector, on a druggie binge that lasted days, had contracted a flesh eating bacteria that consumed his right eye. He never bothered with a glass prosthesis, so there was a hole i…

D Rupture in the Principus Chain Done 1.9

Guy and Wonk were standing at  Tulalip Bay across the water from Hibulb. Guy, was trying to explain the ShapeShift attacks the FW.AI was detecting.

No, there are many blockchains, millions. That's what SS does, let's you convert from one digital asset to another. Principus, H Coin p, is the one used to clear and settle transactions by most systemically important payment systems. It is the one that is being targeted.

So what's the problem, asked Wonk?

Starting yesterday, a number of counterparties have been trying to pawn off ledgers with spoofed blocks.

But that's impossible!

No, just hard. You would have to compute the contents, the spoofed smart contracts you want to insert into the chain in such a way, that you could duplicate the hash of the block.  Even with SHA 1024 Principus uses, given enough compute power, it could be done. But, any blocks after the one you spoof would have a previous hash field, you would have to change those as well and you would have to mak…

D Cody runs the route for Guy - weird van 1.9

Traveler had his new home in Hanalei dialed in, acoustic arrays, cameras, and his escape routes ranging from a catamaran on the beach, to a choice of vehicles, so he left Cody Boy with Guy in the time share.

After Guy was settled, Cody slid the screen door open to run his route. It shouldn't take long, he knew the routes from the weeks Traveler was living there, this would be a quick trot to see what changed. Lihi park was still the same, a must to avoid if at all possible, he stayed on his route and didn't look, or change pace when people would call, "hey puppy" and such to him. Puppy? Really?

There was a van parked in the grass triangle that borders the former train track to pineapple dump.

That is weird Cody thought, sour smelling darkness, his fur raised. As he trotted further away, he felt better. Leaving nothing to chance, he rounded the block and headed North a block parallel to the choppy sea, passing a fluffy orange cat, best to leave that one alone, he is …

In the shadow of the great prayer wheel 1.6

They were young, 8 and 9 year olds, sitting at wooden desks in traditional Chinese school uniforms, blackboard at the front of the room, one child is struggling. A math problem is written on the chalkboard on top of the scratched, once green shiny walls, 8 - 6 = , he doesn't seem to know the answer, stands there, looks back to the class room, his friend raises his right hand with 2 fingers pointed up. He turns back to the chalkboard and tentatively writes a small v, 8 - 6 = v, that can't be right, erases it with his hand, stares back at the board.

He stops again, looks back at his friend, who raises his hand with 2 fingers pointed up, and then he stares past his friend, past the back of the class room, he turns around again and writes 8 - 6 = 2 * 11 ** 22 √33 = 2.55. The teacher working furiously on his scientific calculator was unable to reproduce the boy's work, was about to discipline him, when:


Professor Chun, esteemed head of the mathematics department at …

D Resistance at Overland 1.9

Shots fired, officer down
officer down
officer down

The 911 distress call bringing law enforcement to the Overland Country Golf Club was apparently fake, a trap. However, the confrontation was certain to occur.

National Guard units seeking to confiscate a cache of recently banned assault weapons including bump stocks, large capacity magazines, pallets of lethal .223 ammunition, hand grenades and DIY improvised nerve gas explosives were ambushed by elements of a Para-military extremist faction. Military and law enforcement sources estimate that 72 were killed and more than 200 injured before government forces were compelled to withdraw sealing in the rebels.

Deep State command Abrozo Azil, lamented the laws of the land protecting life and requiring due cause. Shrugging at the loss of life of police officer and National Guard, he said, in Syria, in Ghouta, we just used nerve gas and followed up with 3 weeks of bombing. After that, law and order was a piece of cake. Pity, to mess up such…