D Rupture in the Principus Chain Done 1.9

Guy and Wonk were standing at  Tulalip Bay across the water from Hibulb. Guy, was trying to explain the ShapeShift attacks the FW.AI was detecting.

No, there are many blockchains, millions. That's what SS does, let's you convert from one digital asset to another. Principus, H Coin p, is the one used to clear and settle transactions by most systemically important payment systems. It is the one that is being targeted.

So what's the problem, asked Wonk?

Starting yesterday, a number of counterparties have been trying to pawn off ledgers with spoofed blocks.

But that's impossible!

No, just hard. You would have to compute the contents, the spoofed smart contracts you want to insert into the chain in such a way, that you could duplicate the hash of the block.  Even with SHA 1024 Principus uses, given enough compute power, it could be done. But, any blocks after the one you spoof would have a previous hash field, you would have to change those as well and you would have to make the change in a majority, usually >50% of the distributed ledgers.

The real barrier though is that each block has a proof of spell. In order to submit a block in the first place, each miner has to compute a Gamp Transfiguration enchantment, basic numerology stuff. That process is seriously compute and energy intensive, they measure it in terajoules.

This is the stuff Josh sent, asked Wonk?

So assuming someone has an infinite power and compute source AND enough established securities depositories, custodians and registrars to convince all the ledger holders this is the one true Principus chain what would happen then, Wonk asked hesitantly, he wasn't sure he wanted to know.

Guy paused, well first off, two of those depositories are ours. The stuff that is archived should be fine, the stuff online might be vulnerable. A chain rupture is when you can overwrite either the forward or reverse pointer to some space you control and you need to do it . .

You already said that, Wonk observed.

As I was saying, Guy said, you need to do it without releasing all the energy in the blockiamond. Josh's scientists don't think it's possible. The Proof of Spell stuff is numerology, numerical transformations, you change a pointer, things are suddenly not aligned, you lose integrity mathematically, in the physical world, you lose containment. The video Josh sent, with the power hammer, all that energy was released.

The closer to  the genesis block the rupture happens, the more energy. I guess it would be a bit like a solar coronal mass eject event except from the ground upwards. But I would expect Northern Lights, dark rooms to appear like daylight, electronics going nuts,  don't stand under a powerpole. And on the metaphysical level, you know that scene in "Ghostbusters" where they kill the power to the Ecto-Containment System Protection Grid. I guess it would be a bit like that, not sure. I don't think anyone has ever ruptured a tangible blockchain before, much less one with that much power.

I'm guessing the attackers don't know about the energy release, they are probably focused on the contents. I'm hungry, I saw a CyBurger a block back, let's get a sandwich. As they walked to the lunch counter, Wonk's brain was running at full speed. And the goal of such an attack is?

From the rupture point out, you can insert your content, since all peers are authenticated and if your blocks are done correctly, they will be accepted and acted upon.

So just how much damage can be done, asked Wonk.

Nobody knows, I heard an economist talking about this six months ago, and she suggested a rule of thumb was about a $1B per 10 second interval, or $100M per second, until the chain is saturated, the buyers only have so much money online, the sellers only so much inventory.

Once the fraud is detected, can't they just return all the money Wonk said hopefully?

Some of it yes, but these are smart contracts, if this condition occurs, then take this action, speed of light, it could take months, maybe years with lawyers involved to unwind and perishable stuff would be long gone. And of course if the contract branches to another chain, especially in another country, or cryptocurrency, it is probably gone for good. This is really a good burger, it tastes just like a bacon cheese burger, if I didn't see it all growing in the meat locker, I wouldn't believe it.

It is good, I didn't even realize I was hungry till we started eating, so what's my exposure?

It's really not that bad, you have cyber breach insurance and a rupture is a covered condition. After the note from Josh, we installed freezers for all the archive tangible blocks in your sneakernet. Wonk Enterprises turns several million a day in H Coin, not all Principus though, and a lot of that is fairly long term, tacticals, building supplies, security contracts . . .  At that second, an Alert popped on Guy's Q phone, what the? FW.AI's voice cut in, kill the battery pack on your blockchain, 4 ledgers have fallen, you are the next target.

Guy, opened his bag, started to pull his blockpack when sparkles began to fill the room, get out he shouted to everyone as he grabbed his potato chips bag, get out and down behind something, or you will be burned, running out of the eatery. There was a Jersey wall across the street, Guy and Wonk ran for it, Guy was stuffing his phone in his chips bag. Uh Oh, I hope we are far enough away.

For some reason, Wonk had expected a huge flash, but instead, it was dancing light and then it was gone. Guy ran back into the CyBurger, grabbed his blockchain pack, pulled the battery, it was too late for whatever had already happened, but he could stop things right there. He was working furiously with the last block, gotta get this one back online, he muttered. Every distributed ledger matters.

Wonk stood in the doorway staring. Half cooked meat was stuck to the walls, the robo burger flipper was moving aimlessly, certainly not flipping burgers, the meat grow tanks had popped open, the floor was a mess. He scanned the room, the primary security camera was hanging by a wire, somehow it was a relief to know he wasn't on camera at that moment. He checked his phone, amazingly it was working, the Jersey wall must have been just enough protection.

He remembered Coral was in New York City, called her.

When she answered, her eyes were round and glassy. It's big, was all she said. Can you shoot me a photo, he asked.

Instead of a photo, it was video. Unlike the sparkles at CyBurger, this light seemed to hang around the city. Was it his imagination, or were their faces in the light forms? Coral's view from the Teardrop Memorial was truly stunning and terrifying. Somehow he knew this major seat of commerce would never be the same.

Yolanda, he thought. Called, straight to voicemail. She must already know, sent her a text. Principus ruptured, lots of energy released, NYC probably damaged. He took a shot of the CyBurger and attached that to the text. She's a survivor, he thought to himself, she will get to ground and get somewhere safe.

Somewhere safe? Where in the world could that possibly be?


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