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Word pictures lake at Yolanda's cottage "Roost"

Yolanda's lake cottage, or ,country house if you prefer, topped a hill, highest point on the peninsula hence the name Roost. Most of the houses on the lake are built in the modern affluent waterfront style. On, you've seen it: big plate glass windows, perfect postage stamp lawns, docks, decks, boats, scooters and an RV parking spot replete with a recreational vehicle, (with minimized, or absent, Seahawks stickers, when you leave Washington, tone it down.) We quickly learned to refer to the slope of the butte down to the boat house as the Washington StairMaster, no matter how good of a shape you are in, that incline will get you if you push yourself hard enough.

= South facing window starts to glow. Adrian coming on line, no phone alarm, he liked to hear, "Girl from Ipanema" each morning. Zot, he thought to himself, I was having some crazy dreams. Looking out the window, he sees the mist on the lake, doesn't come all the way to the water, starts to thin at the top…

1.8 Chlamydia

Chlamydia is a common STD that can infect both men and women. It can cause serious, permanent damage to a woman’s reproductive system. This can make it difficult or impossible for her to get pregnant later on. Chlamydia can also cause a potentially fatal ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy that occurs outside the womb). You can get chlamydia by having vaginal, anal, or oral sex with someone who has chlamydia.

Chlamydia is the most common S.T.D., and the number of cases rose 4.7 percent from 2015 to 2016. The increases occurred nationwide; rates were highest in the South and lowest in the Northeast.

Chlamydia is usually asymptomatic, and the number of reported cases may have grown in part because of newer, more sensitive screening techniques.

1.15 BitCoin crackdown

"The financial watchdog alleges Maksim Zaslavskiy and his two companies, REcoin Group Foundation and DRC World, defrauded investors and sold unregistered securities in two fake ICOs.

REcoin, a blockchain-based real-estate company, and DRC World, a diamond membership club, issued fake tokens to investors and promised high-returns without "real operations," according to the SEC. "

""Investors should be wary of companies touting ICOs as a way to generate outsized returns," said Andrew Calamari, director of the SEC’s New York regional office."As alleged in our complaint, Zaslavskiy lured investors with false promises of sizeable returns from novel technology."

The SEC froze the personal assets of Zaslavskiy and his companies after getting an emergency court order, according to the agency.

In July, the SEC announced certain ICOs would be subject to regulatory scrutiny. Other countries, such as China and South Korea, have deemed initial coin off…

Mountain wave flying blimpie YYY's break

*** CTRL COMMAND SPACE letter like symbols for degree

XXX's shift was almost done and he wasn't sure what he was seeing was possible, it looked like a lenticular cloud. Looking for Mt. Ranier are you? Hey, YYY, have a look at this.

YYY's eyes widened, lenticular, there is no mountain. Set the LIDAR to weather, check the cabin for anything loose and then buckle up tight; we may encounter some turbulence. XXX wasn't sure what YYY was thinking, but he could certainly help prepare the craft.

I think we are about to experience what they call a mountain wave, in this case, sans mountain. I have no idea what set up the condition, but it tends to be a roller coaster effect with ups and downs, though the latter can be catastrophic. However, for a blimp that can't go into the wind, it can be a free pass up to about 30ยบ out of pure downwind, feel her going up?

XXX nodded. Well you know the rule about what goes up. Get ready t…

Wonk: from coffee bean to blue circle

Wonk looked at his friend, "check it out, my sister is in the news."

Sharri had a good job as a "bikini barista" though she tended to wear lingerie to work. The tips were great. Then Everett passed a law, actually a dress code, forbidding such skimpiness. Sharri is afraid her livelihood will be impacted.

Admittedly it was a short piece and possibly just a ruse to take sis' picture in her undies. But it spun up brother Wonks mind, putting it on a track that would one day land him in the blue circle. Coffee was a good business anyway, the markups, even with declining crops due to climate change, were beyond belief. It all comes down to good will. The expresso between any two coffee stands is going to taste the same. If a little sizzle makes the difference between your dropping your fiver consistently at one over the other, it is huge.

Sharri and he were close, Wonk started to sound her out. Sis, you never really spoke about your barista dealings, how would you cha…

Done 1.6 Nuking the National Rodent Research Institute from high orbit

Drop In: Yolanda calling. Wonk, you there?

Presence: It's 0400, can I have 5 minutes? What's up?
Emergency meeting of the High Table in 15 minutes
Blue Circle High Table? I'm not Blue
It may concern you, it certainly concerns Charles Vanderbilt and you are in the best position to speak as his advocate.
Toss me the meeting creds, I'll get everything ready.

Wonk jumped out of bed, he always slept in his underwear, t-shirt and socks, so all he had to do was pull on his SHORTS|PANTS and slip on shoes and make his way to the RV. He kicked self drive on, might not be a good idea to have presence emanating from his house, dragged all the files to the desktop, logged in and waited on mute. He only knew a few bits about Blue Circle, but he was fairly certain you wait to speak till you are spoken to.

Apparently either Gloria or Yolanda had taken the action to report "patient one" to the ethics committee. Wonk had not attended many business meetings, if he had been an o…

Standard Coin. FIX, Blue circle

I have an account at SOAPCOIN and have made a lot on several ICOs.

ICOs, what is that?

Initial Coin Offering, when new coins are released you can get in at the ground floor. Many of them don't go anywhere, but the ones that do pay off a hundred times over, maybe more.

I thought they shut all this stuff down, it was all fake, people spending money for nothing but numbers.

In general, the cryptocurrencies weren't fake. They were overspeculated and some of the buyers didn't exist, they were bots, using other coin to buy coin. Since one measure of money is velocity it appeared as if the value was higher than it actually was.

So its like the tulips thing, endless speculation.

Well, most people get the "tulips thing" wrong. Tulip bulbs had an actual value, inflated or not, you could hold the bulb in your hand.  What did them in was speculation. Holland goofed. A legal loophole  allowing contracts for fractional interests in tulip bulbs. These were needed because the pr…

1 Gizmo - Juan Paulo Rameriz

My name is Juan Paulo Rameriz, call me Gizmo, illegal alien, Mexican/Brazilian parents, born August 5, 2010, the day the copper miners in Chili were trapped in what would be a 69 day ordeal . We came to Los Estados Unidos on my dad's L-1 when "that guy" was president; I was still a minor, but a two year DACA hall pass wasn't very appealing; our immigration lawyer advised against it, (turns out she was right). The ride was a bit bumpy from time to time, no "give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free" about it, but it all worked out Semsonics style.

Word is, Adrian gave me my big chance, my first job. While we did work together on a number of projects, I don't think that is right. The reason I say that is that is when we first met he was five and I was already looking at my first couple grey hairs in the mirror, (coming out of my ears of all things).

If credit is due, chops to the Department of American Alien Processing, (…

Traveler and Black Sun

Traveler parked his Carbonado just off Westham Island Rd, (his blockchain owned the business on the water), and settled into Black Sun, his 7 meter canoe. His eyes soaked in her perfect lines; he smiled. They say material goods can't make you happy, but Sun made him smile. Sleek, black as pitch, a 5th generation top-of-her-class example of nanotube creation. Completely empty she was a mere 10 kilos, an impossible achievable until just this year. Well appointed and strong, whitewater ran deep in Adrian's DNA. Equipped with flotation and thigh braces in the hands of a skilled pilot, she was a big water dancer. Though Sun herself was new she was modeled after Adrian's previous boat, Black Rider, broken on the Cheat in high water when he lent it to a friend, at least his Norse paddles were saved.

Just a river paddle today lady, just the two of us, Sun. An afternoon paddle, fork left off the Frasier, North to the bird reserve. Maybe take a few pictures. He set the seat forward …

Neo-Puritans - lily white organic food filtered air and water

It was one of the oddest people movements even in a time that defies understanding.  Young, successful, conservative, Christian, (at least that is how they identified themselves) singles, couples and groups began leaving the South, especially Houston. and ended up in the pluralistic, liberal, expensive city of Seattle

Was it the flood? The Harvey thing?

No, Yes, indirectly yes, those things always hit the poor non-white folks the hardest. The folks that became the Neo-Puritans were the people of the high ground.

So what was it? Let's consult Amber. Amber, what caused the people movement from Southern Texas to Seattle after hurricane Harvey. What is the primary cause?

Amber AI replied, to put in colloquial terms for maximum accuracy, they were grossed out by the water and the air. They considered it poison.

Amber, give us an example or two.

Amber AI replied, Here is a blog post from a high influential XXX of the day. She was blue circle with over ten thousand verified followers. Ac…