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Camilia Carbanado receptionist, Walleye fish jerky from the Niagara river,

Odds are, if you walked into the Wisscasset Carbanado X/C dealership you would find yourself face to face with Camilia, the receptionist. At least that is what her business card said, though the title did not do her justice. A New York City raised pure blood Puerto Rican, passion, grace, competence in equal parts, uncanny ability to multi-task, handling counter walk up customers, phone and Internet inquiries with seeming ease. Keesha valued her daily contribution to the extent that the "receptionist" was the highest paid employee in the company if you ranked by salary, (several sales people on commission had larger take homes).

Today, was a bit different though, we would be talking about it for years. Jamie walked into the dealership, just as it opened, sliding across the pristine floor, looking, but not really, at the floor model, (there was only one, part of the Carbanado X/C marketing statement). Ball cap pulled low, jean jacket unbuttoned ignoring the 6 ° C September mor…

PICERL - The eye - sniper alley

= = = Preparation = = =
When the outposts were first established, each of them knew they had to be responsible for their own safety and defense. Other assets were days away, maybe more. Every settlement had an incident response steering committee and considered the likely problems.

Number one on the hit parade was fire. One result of climate change was less stability in the atmosphere, more storms, leading to more lightning strikes and more fires. This was one of the primary reasons for observation towers and automated spotters. As part of preparation was the concept of keep your side of the street clean, combustible material was harvested and as often as not, the carbon was sunk into fiber.

Fire was not the only possible incident of course, but it was the one a Northern outpost like Broch Viavek was most focused on. Who would have guessed it was a bunch of riffraf on a flotilla that would put their readiness to the test.

= = = Identification = = =
The eye was nothing special, a high …

Carbonado X/C

Long before all the kinks were worked out of the fencing production, Adrian had a team of engineers working on a carbon fiber all wheel drive EV.  The idea was to build a base model and stick with it. No frills, off road focused, the kind of vehicle needed in the inhabs.

Strictly speaking it wasn't street legal, no air bags for one thing. But they sold as farm use only, ranch vehicles on private land. Demand grew, there was no emissions, the price was reasonable and bit by bit, location by location the Western states found a way to allow the vehicles, not on the Interstates or any such thing, but certainly on state roads.

Then one day Carbonado's office in XXX had a visit request from MaineDOT. They had heard about the X/C and were interested in purchasing some for official use. They also signaled they would be supportive of a dealer in the state.

At the weekly staff meeting the topic came up. Adrian puzzled over the two parts of the visit and the related request. "Car nu…

1 Forty years ago Wiscasset ME

Forty years ago when Grapevine Auto and Tire went up for sale, an out of towner, Keesha Orne Jewett bought the business. Keesa told the relator that she liked the location over on RTE 1 near the Ford dealer. She cleared everything out, paved the property and opened a showroom for that electric carbon fiber SUV, the Carbonado X/C.

They signed the purchase contract over lunch at Sarah's. They ordered the Mashed Potato Pizza and coffee, service was slow, but they weren't in a hurry. As Keesha looked over the paperwork, she noticed the Canadian dog breeder, what is this?

Well, it is part of the business. Apparently there is some Intuit blood in the family some ways back. They specialize in pulling dogs, sled, I don't know the details, but they use German Shepherds instead of Malamutes, but of course the Huskies bring the speed.

Where is it?

Not sure, somewhere in Eastern Maritime Canada, I could try to look it up on my phone, Rankin Inlet, looks like a lot of water. Anyway, yo…

Carbon King fifty years ago

Adrian and XXX flew into the ranch and picked up one of the Carbonados. All the vehicles on the ranch were rigged for the outback including body cooling if required. They would head up mountain on 90 till it was washed out at about 1.6k elevation about 41.547071, -117.594068. They had a portable bridge and with the dual winches, hoped to be able to pick their way, but in the end they would be on foot. Bring water, lots of water. It wasn't 10 AM yet and the temp gauge was pushing 48°, it would be a bit better upland.

XXX loved roadtrips and was looking forward to this one with Adrian, there is no better way to really get to know someone than to travel with them he thought to himself. As they bumped along, he asked, "So this is where it all happened? How did you become the king of carbon anyway? They had lab created diamonds since forever, what drove you?"

Adrian smiled, waited his trademarked pause before answering and said, "I never wanted to be a farmer or rancher,…

1 Material Science - Higher Education - Gang of seven

Many historians point to the second decade of the 21st century as the tipping point for the general decline of higher education. Institutions of learning were often viewed with suspicion. Graduates, lacking useful skills, could not find employment. A sizable minority matriculated with student loans that simply could not be repaid. Schools that had counted on the loyalty of alumni found it was largely missing. And of course with the great debt shakeout there was little government money to be had by anyone, for anything.

Some of the most well known of the techno-wealthy genre had either dropped out of college, or never bothered to attend. However, the large, successful, companies they formed needed educated employees. As colleges began to fail, succumbing to insolvency, inability to maintain accreditation, or just lack of interest, these billionaires slowly and carefully began to invest in education. Sometimes it was a school of their own, often based on a new learning concept; many of …