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The sudden icing of Hintersee

The Red Salt Rain Spa in Poipu was doing a booming business. Rich clients came from dry lands all over the world to Euro rain bath. Fresh water, one of the most valuable commodities on earth falling from the sky, running down your body, gently cooling your radiant heat light warm skin.

Inspiration for the enterprise came to Jessica while working as a lomi lomi technician at the Lihue debtor prison. Clients would often remark how nice the rain felt on the walk from the steam tent to the salt scrub tables. After she worked enough to pay the bank what she owed, she started her business just a tent on the grounds of one of the remaining beachfront hotels. Business grew until she could afford Red Salt.

One of her clients, John Derrigan, from Kansas, loved to talk, loved to talk about water. And today's massage was no exception.

For whatever reason, John said, God selected Kauai to be the wettest spot on earth, there was no question of percipitation on a given day, just how much. But it…

Miss Guilfoyle's door

50 years later.

I hate these slow moving cyclones, they dump a pile of rain, but I guess you guys love it. 2 days before we can bring the boats in. Ciao.

Traveler adjusted his hat to shield his orange glasses from the falling, blowing, spray. Rain was so good, freshwater was one of the most precious commodities in the universe and there's no business like repeat business.

In just five years Green Motu Hawaii had constructed billions of liters of catchment and storage space, after all, it was the rainiest spot on earth. Smuglarines would come in after the storms, fill up their tanks and head for the dry lands, break a buck trading, $1 = 1L. Good business, just so long as your not on a part of the island that washes away; no ifs, only when, though it's better now that most of the soil is gone.

Resource extraction has been dangerous since the beginning of time; his job as caretaker at Pono Water, was to minimize risk, maximize profits, any questions?

Shakes his he…