Chapter 2 Summary

Somewhere between the next June and September Gloria asks Wonk to accompany her to a Bat Mitzvah, (a Jewish coming of age ceremony). On the way, they stop at the North Bend outlets, Wonk buys a tactical wool sweater. Gloria tells him she hooked him up with her sister, Yolanda who drives up in a black polaris with a dog, Ahuva, riding shotgun. Wonk meets Clara Bow the lodge romance concierge who gives him a magic business card.

Wonk goes up to the library, snacks on a biscotti, and meets Traveler and his dog, Cody. They chat till Yolanda summons Wonk for her patented girlfriend experience. She shares the 4 pillars of HNMNBie: Don't feed evil, Support second chances, Cyberspace manifesto, Trust your higher power. Afterwards, Wonk and Ahuva connect somewhat, all Blue Circle dogs are people whisperers, at least to some extent. Wonk is amazed he is having the same experience with Ahuva he has with Bandi Boy, who Rhea, Guy's mom is caring for. He asks, Yolanda tells him more about …

Chapter 1 Summary

A few years from the start of the novel
Carla is invited to what became a famous Amazon jungle themed party and needed appropriate attire. At Second Chance, she finds a khaki outfit, but only needs the skirt.  Chara, spies the top, they split the suit and find out they are going to the same party, decide to go together. As they present their digital invites, they can't help noticing a body builder security staff member packing a desert eagle .50, name badge says Clara.

Split up till a ladies dance, where they are approached by a wild, mature lady, Yolanda, who after the dance gives them sterling silver business cards; Net Girls is born.

Wonk, senior in high school, reads about his sister, Shari, in the news as an Everett bikini barista. They decide to open their own coffee shop featuring Shari and her friends.

Wonk, still feeling his way along the path of right and wrong, discusses the idea with his minister, Reverend Chase Slocom who disapproves, but doesn't try to stop him, …

Chapter 5 Summary

Traveler and Wonk are the first to drive to Iron Springs for the H Coin ICO. They arrive before check in, so they pop up to Ocean Crest for a late lunch, return and set up the network. Traveler and Wonk have two important conversations:
- The underpinnings of H Coin are squeaky clean, it is not an attempt at a black market currency
- The heritage of Yolanda and her religious belief journey, Catholic, NeoPuritan, Mysticism, (Kaballah) and mention enneagram score of 8.

Yolanda and Ahuva arrive, Wonk and Ahuva go for a walk.

Traveler tries the SCHMBS short sword, needs work. Skip rolls in on his bike. Night, sleep, the action is tomorrow.
Next morning Gizmo, Pedro, his son, and Angelica arrive on a No Problem Airways DeHavilland Twin Otter doing a beach landing at Copalis. Traveler and Angelica set up a private key and have the "Trust Your Higher Power" discussion.

The meat of this chapter is the Initial Coin Offering key signing with Gizmo, Traveler, Wonk, Angelica, Yolanda, Ski…