Cassandra Geoengineer

Julie Florence Ghailani was born April 1, 1941 on a cloudy 9 degree centigrade morning in San Francisco, the same day her uncle seized power in Iran. She had a normal childhood until she started experimenting with the occult in her 15th year.

Once, as Yolanda's grandfather was on his way to the office, Julie met him on the street in a red dress with a plunging neck line, by this time she was 18, sexually enslaved and gifted with a spirit of prediction and made a large profit for her owner by fortune-telling and other activities.

Rosario was amazed, alarmed and annoyed when she said, "You want to manipulate the weather with Tesla coils using energy in focused microwaves and the heat released by carbon dioxide."

Every aspect of our weather today is being altered and manipulated by geoengineering programs, including hurricanes / cyclones. Operators on the ground, wearing hijabs, driving a fleet of lime green Kia Souls, place sensors that are used as control points where ne…


The sudden icing of Hintersee

The Red Salt Rain Spa in Poipu was doing a booming business. Rich clients came from dry lands all over the world to Euro rain bath. Fresh water, one of the most valuable commodities on earth falling from the sky, running down your body, gently cooling your radiant heat light warm skin.

Inspiration for the enterprise came to Jessica while working as a lomi lomi technician at the Lihue debtor prison. Clients would often remark how nice the rain felt on the walk from the steam tent to the salt scrub tables. After she worked enough to pay the bank what she owed, she started her business just a tent on the grounds of one of the remaining beachfront hotels. Business grew until she could afford Red Salt.

One of her clients, John Derrigan, from Kansas, loved to talk, loved to talk about water. And today's massage was no exception.

For whatever reason, John said, God selected Kauai to be the wettest spot on earth, there was no question of percipitation on a given day, just how much. But it…

Miss Guilfoyle's door

50 years later.

I hate these slow moving cyclones, they dump a pile of rain, but I guess you guys love it. 2 days before we can bring the boats in. Ciao.

Traveler adjusted his hat to shield his orange glasses from the falling, blowing, spray. Rain was so good, freshwater was one of the most precious commodities in the universe and there's no business like repeat business.

In just five years Green Motu Hawaii had constructed billions of liters of catchment and storage space, after all, it was the rainiest spot on earth. Smuglarines would come in after the storms, fill up their tanks and head for the dry lands, break a buck trading, $1 = 1L. Good business, just so long as your not on a part of the island that washes away; no ifs, only when, though it's better now that most of the soil is gone.

Resource extraction has been dangerous since the beginning of time; his job as caretaker at Pono Water, was to minimize risk, maximize profits, any questions?

Shakes his he…

At hand, the kingdom of hell is closer

Traveler, this is Josh. I need to ask a favor.  K, Josh, what's up? 
A friend warned me the Grim Reaper is afoot. Eh? Reaper, Angel of Death, you get the idea. This friend thinks he is coming for me, or someone close to me.
Josh .... Can I send someone to help you? No, Traveler, I need you to visit my friend. Let me get it all out at one time. They call him Loco, he is a resident of the Everett Nerves Institute. He hears spirits, which is not that unusual for his domicile, but he sees them as well. Well Josh, Traveler said gently, I'm guessing that a number of people at the institute also see spirits. True enough, but he can display what he is seeing on a projector. He's the subject of quite a bit of study into the paranormal, so they take excellent care of him; I worry about his fate, but it is unlikely to be death by bedsores. I made a small donation to the institute a few years back with the stipulation they call me if he has a message for me.  Hence the Grim Reaper? H…

Traveler and Wonk rescue Guy

/* This is as close as we come to superheroes in book 1 */

They planned for weeks, drilled. Then the curtain comes up, and you are thinking first milestone, if you reach that, could well be plan B time, but know, it all worked. The Robusts surrounded the library data center and overpowered everyone. Military precision, rapid decision cycle, overwhelming force, shock and awe carried the day. Guy and his team realized there was no escape, the PSEs fought to the last man and woman, many lives were lost that day, but Guy was taken.

MiniWonk tried to summon Wonk on his phone, but he had left it in the cottage. Traveler had advised leaving your phone, your ear phones, and choose a place free of distractions when you go off to pray; as a new Christian he was trying to avoid being distracted by the things of this world.

Goal seekers are not Christians, but we are also inundated by distractions. It's systemic. When a routine needs attention, usually for some resource, it issues an …

High Table and Depository II Green Bay

Yolanda licked her lips and lithe like a cat stood up slowly, felt like over a minute to anyone watching, but easy on the eyes, she make sure to show some leg. Started singing a verse from a song almost 100 years old, The  Harper Valley PTA,

+ + +
Well there's Bobby Taylor sittin' there and seven times he asked me for a date
And Mrs Taylor sure seems to use a lotta ice whenever he's away
And Mr Baker can you tell us why your secretary had to leave this town
And shouldn't widow Jones be told to keep
Her window shades all pulled completely down
Well Mr Harper couldn't be here cause he stayed too long at Kelly's Bar again
+ + +

Some women have that witchlike stick you in the spine look; Yolanda for sure. You can easily imagine colored sparks, or lightning bolts coming out of her eyes; top of the persuasive otter class, a bit of a shoulder shrug. Even though Yolanda didn't share any DNA with her Jewish mother, those cultural body movements were part of her inve…