Act II Summary

In terms of love interests in Act II
Traveler falls in love with Leilani
Wonk falls for Fortia which is complicated because of Gloria, (Fortia and Gloria become close friends)
Clara Bow and Yolanda become very close in another complicated relationship
Guy and the Net Girls keep doing their thing
Pedro and Yolanda have something more than just a 3 session relationship

Act II in one word: polarization.
The original Krewe that came together in Act I is begin to divide, mostly over Yolanda. She is getting ever more radical, extreme, moving towards what she calls the spiritual, but everyone else would call the occult.

The rats in Madagascar begin to splinter, in fact become biologically separate. The neorats find themselves allied with Circle and Depository II, but it is not an entirely comfortable relationship.

On the political scene the HNMNBies and their more extreme allies The Social Justarians find themselves at increasing odds with  The Flat Earth party and their more extreme allies,…

Chapter 8 Summary

Wonk visits Up and Out Bellvue. 

Gizmo and Traveler in Hawaii.

Bandi Boy saves the miniature horse. 

More Up and Out.

Characters and Vocabulary


The "Gang of nine", "gang" is first mentioned in 1.3 a bit informally, 1.5 strengthen the meaning, 1.15 lake house, (post collapse - book 2), billionaires that have teamed together to try to make sense of the world around them. Introduce and characters develop in book 1. Gang of seven is post HNMNBM, some are, some were former, some never.

Wonk, Lion, beaver, a touch of crow, second youngest of the seven. Not HNMNBie, jokes he likes fleece too much, American/Filipino, Escrima. He makes his money running close to the edge; giving great service, respect the edge. Started with Hot and Friendly Bikini Barrista, (later renamed Curvaceous Coffee), (his sister was the first bikini barista), quickly came to understand the economics of coffee and at a time when coffee was getting harder to come by with climate change. Next he opened Backcomb Hair spa which benefitted from doing the fittings for WTG tacticals, (bullet/fire resistant clothing). The contacts with…

Table of Contents HNMNBM

Title: HNMNBM - Loving life in the deep state

HNMNBM is science fiction romance. The purpose is to entertain, challenge, and inform. The book the story of three young men finding their place in life at the end of the 4th industrial revolution and the people they meet, love, and struggle with. It is a time of heightened violence, political polarization, pollution, waste, climate change, and economic change, (fiat currency, gilded age). Against that backdrop, the group must work together to survive, worship and prosper.

NOTE: If the book is successful, the plot design allows for expansion into a trilogy, (HNMNBM, Blue Circle, and Citia).
Intelligence, life will find a way, ai, AI, goals, human, canine, rat?
Ecology, carbon, plastic, glass
Natural disasters, hurricane, bomb cyclone, fire, earthquake,
Water bottles, tap water is dangerous, (called raw water), most characters carry water bottles, neopuritans take it to extreme,
Violence, political polarization
Debt, personal, corpo…

Chapter 7 Summary

Wonk is reading the HNMNBie news network.  A billionaire is the new millionaire.

Billionaires captured tortured and probably looted, India is straining under her debt.

Gets an invite for the next H Coin meeting. It will be at Lan Su Tea Garden, Portland. 

Wonk wants to see Traveler, but doesn't want to deal with the airport, has a missed my flight dream.

Yolanda and Angelica discuss the visibility and bias of the HNMNBie News Network. Media is power. Yolanda quotes the Cyberspace Manifesto.

Wonk is increasingly interested in methods for Sneakernet blockchain, especially with tangible blocks.

Wonk goes to visit Dr. Frah at Gloria's behest. Madagascar, rats, Squik mates with mouse lemurs, a bit of a sexual deviant and begats Lemrat, the first rat with opposable thumbs. Lemrat is shunned from the conference, makes his way through the jungle, finds, or is found by, Charles Vanderbilt. Lemrat begats Jograt, the first tool builder, creates a sword from a nail.

Wonk, soloprenuer wants to …