Act II Summary

= = = Storyteller perspective, despite Wonk's broken heart over Gloria in Act I, it was mostly about introducing characters and plot themes. Act II has more action and more emphasis on how the characters feel.
= = =

Love interests in Act II
Traveler falls in love with Leilani
Wonk falls for Fortia which is complicated because of Gloria, (Fortia and Gloria become close friends)
Clara Bow and Yolanda become very close in another complicated relationship
Guy and the Net Girls keep doing their thing
Pedro and Yolanda have something more than just a 3 session relationship

Act II in one word: polarization.
The original Krewe that came together in Act I is begin to divide, mostly over Yolanda. She is getting ever more radical, extreme, moving towards what she calls the spiritual, but everyone else would call the occult.

The rats in Madagascar have splintered, in fact become biologically separate. The Lemrats, reach sexual maturity in 1.5 years, 120 day gestation, find themselves allied w…

Chapter 8 Summary

Beauregard Williams dream, he resolves to "make it right".

Guy and Wonk are together, watch Wonk's porch patrol home defense robot use the robodog interference techniques against a would be robber. 

"Package insurance" as soon a porch patrols take off, someone comes up with exploding packages. These leads to a pale imitation of Circle neighborhood community protection, something more like paying organized crime for insurance.

Wonk visits Up and Out Ellisville. He was introduced to the program by Yolanda, but can see it as a major business that he wants to be involved with, personal security. Wonk "gets it" with the concept of the PSE, (Physical Security Expert). Wonk mentally reinforces the connection with the scene in the Godfather where Don Corleone is left alone, but Michael discovers him and via Sonny calls in private investigators. He is also becoming familiar with the euphemism, general population, (a very bad place to be).

Wonk makes the connection…

D Fortia's self drive done 1.10

PHONE: Wonk, my car is ready, you willing to give me a lift to Kanhe's to pick it up?
Sure Fortia, when should I swing by?
1500, I'm really excited.

The state of Washington converted the HOV lane to HOV + EZPass + Self Drive. Ever since, there was a noticeable pushback when you are seen in a self-drive. Lincolns like Travelers got a bye, people assumed he had a professional driver. Wonk's transit slipped under the radar as well, people assumed he was making a delivery, which was usually true, though these days it was usually sneakerner. Nevertheless, aggravating the self drive and the people inside of it, was becoming a sport, one more evidence of a class divide.

HNMNBies generally avoid confrontation, and responded by doing remakes on older cars, everything from the Volkswagon Bus to the Shelby Cobra. Fortia's car was a 2018 Ford Mustang GT Venti Convertible, a classic.

Kanhe's, a reputable race car shop, rebuilt it as a self-drive with a modern powerpl…

The Karma of Unintended Consequences 1.10

Recycle? Buster said, it takes time to sort everything out to recycle, why don't I just take it all to the landfill? One and done.

Well for one thing, it costs money per kilogram to throw things in the landfill and that would be my company that gets that bill. For another, our landfill is starting to fill up, do you want its replacement to be in your back yard?

Its got years left, Jesus will be back for us before that happens Buster said knowingly.

Rhea was not swayed, recycle.

Buster shuffled out of the room, salt of the earth, flannel shirt, jeans and those boots, how do they stand those boots?

Traveler the tree hugger of the bunch was visibly shaken. Christians talk like that, believe that?

Reverend Slocom laughed, more than you can guess, what I am still trying to figure out is whether they somehow believe that filling up landfills will hasten the return of Christ Jesus. There is zero biblical support for that. And yet they live so destructively, throwing trash out of their ca…

Chapter 7 Summary

Wonk is reading the news in his office, Adamant, HNMNBie news network, 3rd party.  Reads, "A billionaire is the new millionaire." that will stick in his brain. Asks MiniWonk to study Blue Crescent.

Poor Prince Alweed.

Yolanda meeting at Banya 9 with the HNMNBie leadership. HNN is already causing a bit of chop.
After Angelica leaves there is a private discussion about the Trufax merger.

Deep state is listening, hoping for a morsel that will help stretch the budget.
The head of the Interagency blue badge working group makes a public decision that contradicts his confirmation promises. If it feels wrong . . . Beauregard's dream.

Gloria and Yolanda are chatting via presence. We are reminded of the Botxennial mindset. Note this places Mozabique and Neanderats into the story line.

Wonk has his airport dream begins to really think about travel, realizes it is a very hard problem.

He has a short call with Gloria. She reminds him about Dr. Frah, he goes. General briefing on Depos…

Anji, Rhea's DW helper

Wonk and Rhea biweekly business meeting, Everett, Washington.

Rhea, how're things at Bestow?

Business is good at both the physical location and also the virtual extension of the store. But, I'm going a bit crazy.

What's up?

Ever since the president started that trade war, none of our suppliers in India and China want long term price commitments. In fact, if we weren't established customers that pay in H-Coin, I doubt the Chinese would even talk to us. To be honest, to keep inventory coming in, I have been having to reply on online auctions.

A great way to find new suppliers, replied Wonk, you told me that yourself You write personal notes and a review of each item as part of trying to find a reliable partner.

I did say those words and meant them, said Rhea, and when one or two shipments came in per day, it was easy to do. Now everyone is talking tradewar and protectionism, the shipments come in one per box, a dozen a day. Your friend, Traveler, would flip if he saw how…

Chapter 6 Summary

Yolanda and Simon Magnus meet in Seattle. He claims, then proves to have developed a method for embedding what he calls "proof of spell" in a tangible blockiamond. He adds his block to Yolanda's branch of H Coin and names it Principus. He sells his process to Yolanda for 10 million towards a stake in first level H Coin and kinky sex with Yolanda.

Gloria whoops up on the blackhats in Jerusalem, fortunately even though the video went viral, most people did not catch the significance of the energy release.

Somehow in the hoopla a tangible block crystal with a ton of financial data ruptures releasing what looks like a fire works show. Analysts from every background are wondering how a crystal could have that much power. Wonk takes a leadership position and decides it is interesting, but not priority 1.

One anomaly is that the energy release impacted the Heynin prayer wheel in China. That means the energy had to pass through the earth.