Inhab zones

That's silly Traveler, there have always been places on earth man cannot survive without support systems. You can't stand at the bottom of the Marians trench, even if supersquid is over the moon down there, or stand at the peak of Everest without oxygen unless, of course, you were John Krakauer, Mako said with a certain air of satisfaction.

The fact that we can wrap ourselves in a protective bubble doesn't mean that spot on the earth is habitable, Traveler replied evenly. Let me show you something. Traveler used the presence generator he got from Gizmo to project an ubiquity mode 3D image of a slowly spinning earth, highlighting areas of interest with a blue laser pointer. The red spots are areas that are inhospitable to human life at density. I don't highlight the oceans, but am marking the areas that have already been abandoned to rising oceans, such as Kiribati, Miami, Ghoramara, Isle de Jean Charles, and Carteret. Of course there is the "hot spot" in Syri…

Tangible blockchain

Ten years ago

What I want is a 100% guarantee of immutability. A hash and proof of work don't give me that.

Shah Maheri paused, she knew Yolanda could be prone to flashes of violent impatience. 100% is not possible, quietly, watching her face the whole time. Better immutability, pretty good immutability, but think of change as an unstoppable force. Hurricanes, wild fire, rising sea level, if we could we would "fix" them, but they are a force unleashed by decisions made generations ago.

We could 3D print, lab create, crystalline blocks with the information stored inside. The showed is was possible over a decade ago with diamonds and nitrogen vacancy. Diamonds are a girl's best friend, what's not to like, but there are other crystals with more interesting properties.

Like what, asked Yolanda? Tourmalines, right off the top of my head, I haven't researched it. The electromagnetic properties of minerals fall into three classes, conduction, pyroelectricity, piezo…

D Cody runs the route for Guy - weird van

Traveler had his new home in Hanalei dialed in, acoustic arrays, cameras, and his escape routes ranging from a catamaran on the beach, to a choice of vehicles, so he left Cody Boy with Guy in the time share.

After Guy was settled, Cody slid the screen door open to run his route. It shouldn't take long, he knew the routes from the weeks Traveler was living there, this would be a quick trot to see what changed. Lihi park was still the same, a must to avoid if at all possible, he stayed on his route and didn't look, or change pace when people would call, "hey puppy" and such to him. Puppy? Really?

There was a van parked in the grass triangle that borders the former train track to pineapple dump.

That is weird Cody thought, sour smelling darkness, his fur raised. As he trotted further away, he felt better. Leaving nothing to chance, he rounded the block and headed North a block parallel to the choppy sea, passing a fluffy orange cat, best to leave that one alone, he is …

D Wennawachee Raspberry PI

Phone: Chara?
This is Jimmy Doodleberg, we met at the network conference in New York. Er, I helped you put in a mesh network node. . .
Yes, Jimmy, how are you?
Fine. Chara, I think I found something you might be interested in.
OK Jimmy, shoot.
The feds just busted a huge illegal gaming compute complex in Wennawachee. Massive. May be the largest array of Raspberry PIs in the world, the big ones with the GPUs. It was the compute engine for their betting blockchain. Skeleton crew, they tried shooting it out with the authorities. I don't have to tell you, as many police as been shot lately, that didn't end well for them, no survivors. When they tried to serve paper on the owner, he reached for a gun. Work on the street is they are all dead. It normally would take years to sort out the ownership and then auction the seized assets, it could be weeks.

One more thing. The lease in the industrial park is with the city, they took that whole area over years ago. The mayor is my brot…

D Rupture in the Principus Chain

Guy and Traveler were standing at The Teardrop Memorial. Guy, was trying to explain the attacks the ShapeShift FW.AI was detecting.

No, there are many blockchains, millions. That's what SS does, let's you convert from one digital asset to another. Pincipus is the one used to clear and settle transactions by systemically important payment systems. It is the one that is being targeted.

So what's the problem, asked Traveler?

Starting yesterday, a number of counterparties have been trying to pawn off ledgers with spoofed blocks.

But that's impossible!

No, just hard. You would have to compute the contents, the spoofed smart contracts you want to insert into the chain in such a way, that you could duplicate the hash of the block.  Even with SHA 1024 Principus uses, given enough compute power, it could be done. But, any blocks after the one you spoof would have a previous hash field, you would have to change those as well and you would have to make the change in a majority, …

Parking Lot (idea stash)

1/17/18 some block chains are tangible, the blocks are 3d printed jewels that serve as storage devices. Yolanda has a 

1/17/17 Love Day of London is like Victoria's Secret, perhaps a net girl visit?

11/30/17 you sew this seed in 1.1 but do not develop it "But the idea that WWII Italy’s style and weakness were actually strengths, because they could improvise, adapt, and overcome their overcomers. . .that was powerful."

Eli, Angelica go in the fuzzing business, sculpties 1.9 or later

Gloria, Fozia and Angelica were sharing a cup of 5x water filtered coffee at Mojo's talking about deep state's growing ability to track people. The problem, Gloria said, is that though a number of sources the government has been compiling facial recognition for X million people. Blue Circle has had personas for over a century and used look alikes in public, but the recognition is getting so good that we are reaching the point where this won't continue to work. Personas cost booocooo bucks to create and maintain so that is a serious issue.

2D is a snap, Eli's robotic portraits can be adjusted to produce similar photos, almost exactly like a photo of the person, but slightly different that we insert in HNN and other media outlets. Early experiments are very promising, computers do not see like we do, we can even keep the facial structure 100% the same, and just goof with the grey scale and cause a match to fail.

What we need though is 3D. So that the photos other people …