Rise and fall of the neanderat

Glyph, son of XXX, was a hornbuck like his forefathers. He was not satisfied with the does of the neorats, too docile, picky, clean and often sterile. He left burrow and mischief on his wild adventure, gutter rats, city rats, it did not matter to him. He probably impregnated over 1,000 does.

He made history, father of the neanderat. His mongrel offspring were similar to Rattus Norvegicus, the brown rat, but far superior. Rattus Neander were smaller, shorter lifespans, crawlers all, only a hint of the organoids when compared to neorats, but true to the distant generations they were spawned from, they lived and died fast.

Within a few years the brown rat was gone from Madagascar, no place for them in city or forest. XXX, son of Argah, son of Glyph, a great buck made the fatal mistake of trying to take over the habitats of the neorats. His reason seemed sound to burrow war councils, they had overwhelming numerical superiority. They simply had to throw rats at the problem.

It worked the f…

500 kilometers Madagascar to Mother Africa Diary of Andur

Tomorrow at first light we leave. I shall miss the Baobobs and the sand. We set a course to find
the continent of Africa in search of freedom. Wayfarers have done it before, made the crossing and returned. They tell of a land with water, a place we can be free.

The good news about the endeavor is that you just sail West, you can't miss it. The bad news is everything else. But before the colonization it was 1 or 2 fool hardy rats, sea scouts, to a boat, 3 - 5 boats to a mischief.

Now the burrow has embarked on a course of putting the whole kit and kaboodle to sea. The war is not going well on the island. Grafgh had been such a fool to pick a fight with the neorats. Now burrow by burrow we are being systematically destroyed, genocide, soon only the true blood neos will remain.

As Southern rats we had a bit more time. Water is very scarce here, their infantry cannot cross long distances without supply trains. We had a bit more time to prepare for the crossing. Good thing that.

The Fa…

Mouse lemurs, opposable thumbs, neorats

Squik was your classic big buck on campus studding at 2.5 weeks old. Getting laid several times a day is every young neorat's dream, he was living the life. But at 3 weeks of age, he wanted to do more with his life.

Some say he was a sexual deviant, but then, he was also the father of the opposable thumb. Mouse lemurs, strepsirrhine primates, were small enough for him to mount, only come into heat once a year and for a few hours at that. Squik had the advanced neorat sense of smell, on par with a dog. He could smell the bitch before she went into heat and be right their, ricky rat on the spot. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am. Mark Twain said, “They did not know it was impossible so they did it”. Of course different species can't produce living offspring. And to be sure, several were stillborn, others failed to thrive. But there in Madagascar, cradle of so many diverse plants and animals, life found a way.

Lemrat son of Squik, distant prodigy of the first neorat, was not welcome…

The lemur dream - Skip and Amphibious transport

When Wonk and Yolanda spoke, be mentioned Charles Vanderbilt's lemur dream. Yolanda smiled. Amphibious cars and buses would be nice. There was a transportation problem near Depository II getting crops, even mine products to market. And, if they could make development near the water more attractive, it might slow down the destruction of the rain forest inland. That alone should be enough to convince Traveler to part with $100M or so to fund the startup. She would be seeing Skip in a few days and resolved to chat about it.

= = =

Yolanda and Skip were chatting in his RV's queen size bed relishing that feeling of peace that follows satisfying the itch of wanting to make love. Lazily, in no particular order, she started to tell him about the idea, almost certain he would begin production the next day. Instead, Skip kindly and patiently burst her bubble.

Nice dream Yolanda and what a fun toy, an amphibious car. I had heard they are getting a following in certain swampy areas that ar…

HNMNBies don't stream video and library

Lisa Turken was having a glass of wine with her friends, Jenny and AuTessa when they outed. It happened when she mentioned a streaming video show, "Angels on High" and they looked blank. After she went on for a minute regardless, AuTessa rested her hand gently on Lisa's forearm, waited to catch her eye and said I don't stream.

Lisa, caught off guard, looked at Jenny, at all? Jenny smiled weakly, almost in pain at the direction the conversation was going, me either. I haven't watched broadcast TV in 30 years. My husband and I tried streaming, but it was wierd, the "based on your likes", creepy.

Where do you get your entertainment?

Well sometimes, I buy movies at Wal-Mart, some of the great shows are in the bargain bins.

Lisa was a skilled homemaker, unlike her friends, her job was to manage her household, she knew how to shop on sale, a trip for groceries often involved 3 stores. It worked, in fact when you factor in her tax bracket, 1 car instead of 2, …

Characters and Vocabulary


The "Gang of seven", "gang" is first mentioned in 1.3 a bit informally, 1.5 strengthen the meaning, 1.15 lake house, (post collapse - book 2), billionaires that have teamed together to try to make sense of the world around them. Introduce and characters develop in book 1. Gang of seven is post HNMNBM, some are, some were former, some never.

Wonk, Lion, beaver, a touch of crow, second youngest of the seven. Not HNMNBie, jokes he likes fleece too much, American/Filipino, Escrima. He made his money running close to the edge; respect the edge. Started with Hot and Friendly Bikini Barrista, (later renamed Curvaceous Coffee), (his sister was one), quickly came to understand the economics of coffee and at a time when coffee was getting harder to come by with climate change. Next he opened Backcomb Hair spa which benefitted from doing the fittings for WTG tacticals, (bullet/fire resistant clothing). The contacts with law enforcement who love the tacticals got…

Table of Contents HNMNBM

HNMNBM is science fiction. The purpose is to entertain, challenge, and inform. The book presents a liberal Christian viewpoint of the day after tomorrow. Nine strangers, some coming of age, from a variety of races, creeds and color meet, grow, develop together in a time of heightened violence, political polarization, pollution, waste, climate change, and economic change, (fiat currency, gilded age). Against that backdrop, the group must work together to survive, worship and prosper.

NOTE: If the book is successful, the plot design allows for expansion into a trilogy, (HNMNBM, Blue Circle, and Citia).
Themes: Intelligence, life will find a way, ai, AI, goals, human, canine, rat?
Ecology, carbon, plastic
Natural disasters
Violence, political polarization
Crow, the 5th animal
Up and Out, owe my soul to the company store
Disposable people, haves, midway haves, have nots
Cybersecurity, privacy, what will you pay for security esp physical security
Cryptocurrency, blue circle