Adrian's escape

Looking back, it was his hair cutter. She forgot, maybe never followed the rule, never talk about HNMNBie and mentioned Adrian. For what ever reason her shop in Bellvue was selected for surveillance.  Adrian came in to get his mane trimmed, paid with cash, but for whatever reason, was followed home using satellite tracking.

It is hard to imagine why any judge would have signed a search warrant, but the US was a long way into decline at this point.

It was the classic zero dark thirty, get them while they are asleep and brain foggy "drive up and surprise". However, the street Adrian lived on was somewhat remote. The house on the corner was HNMNBie, traffic sensors went of 0438, 5 vehicles = 1 anomaly. Police band proximity alerted next. Adrian's EAai fired up the RV, two Blockade Busters and a couple Navigators, and launched two UAVs, (Adrian and XXX usually slept in his RV, made it easier to keep the house ready for drop ins).

Adrian, heard the RV initializing, all screen…


Carbon fiber gondolas, two strong people can load a couple on a standard RV using roller racks. They set up shop in calm water harbors, always near an existing boatyard. Staffed by Up and Out graduates, with certificates in CPR, First Responder, Life Saving, Italian opera. For most of them, gondolier was their first professional title.

They slept in the halfway house bunks, even so, had to pass the morning drug test, three strikes and you are out. Senior gondolier, Harold, had been working for two years straight at XXX marina, already had a couple AYBC certs as a diesel mechanic, money in his pocket, making good progress at paying the company store back for the education, banking the rest, word is, even had some H-Coin, (HNMNBM crypocurrency requires gold to buy in).

When they weren't working shuttling tourists, fishermen, or HNMNBies around, hey, it's warm weather employment, they provided services, boat boy/boat girl for the boatyard, usually starting with anti-fouling, a cl…

Sound cannon

Crickets, a bazillion of them, but from what, where, when did they start? There're moving, undulating, writhing, nails on chalkboard. XXX loses her cookies right in the lounge. YYY, grabs her a club soda, maybe this will help. If they had only known to walk away, the sound beastie, is very specific. Get up and move,  the attack is unlikely to follow, has to be focused beams. They stayed, now their eggs are scrambled.

To deploy it the attackers had to set up shop out in ring 4, the outer perimeter. They had managed to fake credentials to feed the robotic parking lot attendant and set up shop in three vans, all out of building camera range, we do have them with these two UAV flyovers and signal intercepts.
Experts reviewed several recordings. They match Havana and Catalonia, different circumstances, variations,  same high-pitched sound. “That’s the sound,” the expert said, the unique sound of weaponized sound.

They did the right thing, alerted the emergency medical system. Late on a…


Date on the wooden horse in Blade Runner, should try to have some fun with that.

Uncle Skip

Skip, legend in XXX Florida Keys. "Ride it out" RIO, a combined restaurant, boutique hotel, storage facility, that covers a city block.

Looked at Ocean Shores, with a casino tie-up, rejected, no where to run to.

To bring Skip into the 1.8 or so, 50th birthday party. A spicy event to be sure, but Adrian and Wonk are primarily there for a Sneaker Net drop of hardcopy, (thumb drive), USB drives.

Skip owns a recycled, second use plastic center and his primary product is blurbs. Footlocker style thick plastic waterproof, EMT resistant, (aluminum), good play for Kobe Steel aluminum. He also  makes car bags, seal a car, suck out the air, seal the bag, for "pretty good" flooding protection.

On the surface, Skip would give a HNMNBMies a fit, white, surrounded with white people, party life, wealthy friends, that are prone to be lavish, snobby, useless and supported HNWMNBM. Goes to church twice a year, Easter, mom's birthday. Wonk "adopts" him as an uncle, but …

Table of Contents

Plot overview: nine strangers come, grown, develop together.
T1 Wonk: taking care of business, growing up, first sex, 21 and fake persona, manhood, likes to bonk, business card
T2 Yolanda, Otter/beaver, cougar, financial success, Yolanda's children
T3 Gizmo, things are going bad, physical security, physical disasters,
T4 What will you pay for security
T5 Crow, the 5th animal
T6 Up and Out, Yolanda, owe my soul to the company store
T7 Adrian, carbon
T8 Uncle Skip, disposable people
T9 Cryptocurrency, blue circle
T10 business card, some have special properties

1.1 - 1.25 (should it be 1.36
Wonk (Book 1, target 1024k words, 33 44444k word chapters)
1.1 Introduce Wonk, Guy, Sharri, Gloria, Wonk's business efforts
1.2 Bat Mitzvah, Yolanda, Adrian, doppleganger, four animals + crow. We start to introduce "disposable people" CamperForce, Up and Out Juvenile training to become police, fire, military rescue for the best, what about the rest?, and Puerto Rico.



The "Gang of seven", seven, (post collapse - book 2), billionaires that have teamed together to try to make sense of the world around them. Introduce and character develop in book 1
Wonk, Lion, Otter, youngest of the seven, born 5-5-12 shares the date with Adele and Karl Marx. American/Filipino, Escrima. The "bad boy" of the 7. He made his money running close to the edge; respect the edge. Started with Bikini Barrista, (his sister was one), quickly came to understand the economics of coffee and at a time when coffee was getting harder to come by with climate change. Next he opened Gentleman Jim's Hair SPA Wonk realized that with pornography rampant, sex per se, couldn't sell, but the Geisha concept certainly could. Strictly pampering, never sex, like a long full body massage, a bit at a time, flirt.
Adrian, Beaver, Golden, Lion, second youngest of the 7, (23), patient, passions mostly under control, sometimes irritated, engineer, made his fortu…