The loose alliance of the people that formed HNMNBM goes back over 20 years, but the event that took the movement viral was a party that Traveler threw. He meant it as a joke. Things were so ludicrous, politicians that were known pedophiles and knew nothing about the issues of governance, law enforcement driven to know the innermost secret of every citizen, the breakdown of religion becoming a political party that he thought it might be funny to postulate a secret society, a resistance.

He had HNMNBie bumper stickers, (remember the secret society was a joke), had a HNMNBie manual printed, a key signing party for access to HNMNBNet and so forth. To his amazement and consternation people believed, signed up, started living as HNMNBies. Thus, Traveler was the father of HNMNBM, but is not in fact, a HNMNBie.

 The HNMNBM code:
The first rule of HNMNBie is to minimize harm. Actions of commission, choices of omission, all have impacts. Live accordingly, choose well.

The second rule of HNMNBie…

HNMNBM Trilogy Pitch

Elevator Pitch:
This is science fiction, HNMNBM is book one, there is a rough outline for a trilogy. Starts the day after tomorrow. Above all, these are the stories of three young men, Wonk, Traveler, Guy, coming of age and each in turn taking a leadership role on the world stage. The challenges they face include a world of increasing surveillance by governments that have lost the sense of right and wrong, a nervous disorder growing among the young, declining opportunity, violence in the streets, natural disasters relating to climate change and pollution. There are also strong positive forces in each of their lives: individual prosperity, (doing well while doing good), technology especially AI and bots and while different for each man, a faith in God.

Fictional artifacts, or story building blocks, include:
AI, driverless cars, pilotless planes etc
A cheap source of carbon fiber that is an anti-pollutant
WTG tacticals, bullet proof clothings
BlendIT, light aware camo
Blue Circle, Blue B…

Takeoff from Princeville

Gizmo's Gulf V was flown in from the mainland. The pilot landed in XXX Maui and refueled. After a couple days, she took it to Princeville. One of the Circle companies at LIH was involved in aircraft maintenance and was able to fill up the back of a truck bed with Baritainer 10L Jerry cans with jet fuel to top it off.

The operating instructions for a Gulf are pretty clear, it needs 1500 meters to take off. Princeville is closer to 915m, a bit of a shortage. However, some guy in Switzerland, (think cold day, lower altitude, denser air) in a little over 305m. Stripped down to one pilot, Gizmo, no cargo, flying gas can like the old days, enough fuel for a safety margin, early in the morning in the winter time, roaring the two Rolls-Royce BR710A1-10s to their upper limit, (hey, they are great engines), it was marginally possible to take off with no errors. That was what Gizmo called, good odds.

Characters and Vocabulary


The "Gang of seven", "gang" is first mentioned in 1.3 a bit informally, 1.5 strengthen the meaning, 1.15 lake house, (post collapse - book 2), billionaires that have teamed together to try to make sense of the world around them. Introduce and characters develop in book 1. Gang of seven is post HNMNBM, some are, some were former, some never.

Wonk, Lion, beaver, second youngest of the seven. Not HNMNBie, jokes he likes fleece too much, American/Filipino, Escrima. He made his money running close to the edge; respect the edge. Started with Hot and Friendly Bikini Barrista, (later renamed Curvaceous Coffee), (his sister was one), quickly came to understand the economics of coffee and at a time when coffee was getting harder to come by with climate change. Next he opened Backcomb Hair spa which benefitted from doing the fittings for WTG tacticals, (bullet/fire resistant clothing). The contacts with law enforcement who love the tacticals got him interested i…

Table of Contents HNMNBM

HNMNBM is science fiction. The purpose is to entertain, challenge, and inform. The book presents a liberal Christian viewpoint of the day after tomorrow. Nine strangers, some coming of age, from a variety of races, creeds and color meet, grow, develop together in a time of heightened violence, political polarization, pollution, waste, climate change, and economic change, (fiat currency, gilded age). Against that backdrop, the group must work together to survive, whorship and even prosper.

NOTE: If the book is successful, the plot design allows for expansion into a trilogy, (HNMNBM, Blue Circle, and Citia).
Themes: Intelligence, life will find a way, ai, AI, goals, human, canine, rat?
Ecology, carbon, plastic
Natural disasters
Violence, political polarization
Crow, the 5th animal
Up and Out, owe my soul to the company store
Disposable people, haves, midway haves, have nots
Cybersecurity, privacy, what will you pay for security esp physical security
Cryptocurrency, blue ci…