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An apartment in Nuovo di Bagnoregio

XXX wasn't ready to get up yet, still woozy rested, it was another hour till sunrise; why hurry.  However, he needed to pee so he swung his legs over the side of the bunk. He had scored one of the outside apartments at Bagno, window and all. The windows came with strings attached, they were used to help vent the buildings in the complex. This time of year, the outside air was a consistent 15.5, a natural cool and a hedge against the 26 to 30 at the peak of the day.

By 4 AM it was cool enough in the apartment that XXX really appreciated the two soft fleece queen sized blankets topped with his forrest issue bedroll.  He made short work of the trip to the john being careful not to turn on any more of his brain than necessary; sleep was a luxury he didn't get to enjoy often.

The blankets were still warm when he crawled into his soft real bed. Gone, nothing more until his phone summoned him with the familiar strain of Angelito by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. Joanne, his somet…

Cyanobacteria - lakes

Health officials identified cyanobacteria as Aphanocapsa, Anabaena and Woronichinia. The heaviest blooms were found close to the shorelines. Cyanobacteria are not rare, but excess phosphorus is available to the water leads to blooms and surface scums. Places in New Hampshire that have got contaminated with cyanobacteria this summer include Long Pond in Pelham and Elm Brook Park Beach in Hopkinton. A person exposed to cyanobacteria can experience a range of health problems from skin irritation to liver damage.

2 University Enviornmental Studies Professor Johan Muire

The problem with environmental studies academics is they want to meet outside so much of the time. Peter could barely concentrate, the black flies kept landing on him randomly taking a bite. XXX did not look concerned, why weren't they landing on him?

Well, in one sense he would make a good addition to the team, John even has a teaching certificate with his Masters before getting his Dr. of Philosophy in Enviornmental Studies from Antioch. However, he is adamant about being one of those outdoor classroom people, he will not teach a class inside.

Do we know anything about him? My son took his Geomorphology class last summer, they traveled all over the continent in six weeks. Jason reports he can teach and knows his stuff.

= = =
With a quick knock, John entered boreal forest outpost seven. XXX noticed that he was wearing a leather vest instead of the normal ranger fiber. "That must add at least ten pounds to his footprint", he thought. He also noted the vest, and presumabl…

Guns vs. Butter - Building the weapons of the Citian Marines

Wispy grey hair blowing in the wind, JB looked over the battlefield. Citia had not been ready, they were partly lucky, partly saved by the lack of infrastructure to get to their city. The XXX had not been able to mount a coordinated attack with no roads for their mobile calvary. Still, victory, salvation, luck, whatever you want to call it and believe in rested on the bravery of a few individuals that charged the attack, took over the weapons and began what would prove to be a rebuff. But they could not count of this again.

"We are counting on you JB, you have 30 years weapons engineering experience. Now you have a nation state that is home to your children; a cause. Help us now. We need a military capability."

JB considered his words carefully. He knew if he accepted the job, the post, the mission, he would have oversight over some of the details, but not the broad brushes of strategy. "My experience, as you call it was working for the United States while it was still …

Broch Viavik - Northwest Citian Outpost

YYY was usually the quietest of the so called gang of seven, but she was clearly agitated. "I am not talking about building the city of the future, I am talking about building the city of the present. The Oklahoma rift is spreading, there is a thousand sq kilo hypoxic dead zone forming within our ship travel range, the wildfires keep getting worse, we have to build a sanctuary city and we have to do it now."

Adrian slowly began his trademarked thumbstroke against his goatee using the pause in the conversation to let the silence grow. A fly on the wall observer couldn't say the seven were restless, but out of their comfort zones. This was a big expense and they did not have consensus. Adrian spoke, "We can't build a city, we don't know how. We need to build smaller outposts firsts, make our mistakes, hone our best practices.

Arian, QQQ said, I don't want to be dense, but best practices against what?

"I would start with anti-fragility." A chorus …

Underwater - no googles

Blink wasn't waterproof, but since core 64s, used bluetooth for audio connections instead of a jack, she was largely water resistant. XXX had managed to throw her off the bridge when the harvesters came so the core device had evaded capture for the moment, but was near a drowning death.

YYY, shadowing XXX along the riverbank saw Blink's splashdown. "I have to get to her", he thought. But, I can't see through the turbid waters with their glacial till. Time was wasting, the river with its glacial carved granite bottom was not deep, but there was a perceptible current seeking the calm of sea level. Find Blink now, or lose her forever.

YYY remembered, a childhood game from his neighborhood pool, long since abandoned with grass growing up through the cracks in the concrete. If you held your hands by your face before you put it in the water, you could create an air bubble. This served as a lens to see through the water even without a diving mask or googles. YYY walked …