2 University Enviornmental Studies Professor Johan Muire

The problem with environmental studies academics is they want to meet outside so much of the time. Peter could barely concentrate, the black flies kept landing on him randomly taking a bite. XXX did not look concerned, why weren't they landing on him?

Well, in one sense he would make a good addition to the team, John even has a teaching certificate with his Masters before getting his Dr. of Philosophy in Enviornmental Studies from Antioch. However, he is adamant about being one of those outdoor classroom people, he will not teach a class inside.

Do we know anything about him? My son took his Geomorphology class last summer, they traveled all over the continent in six weeks. Jason reports he can teach and knows his stuff.

= = =
With a quick knock, John entered boreal forest outpost seven. XXX noticed that he was wearing a leather vest instead of the normal ranger fiber. "That must add at least ten pounds to his footprint", he thought. He also noted the vest, and presumably its owner had run into trouble along the way, it was deeply scarred in a couple of places. The chris cross veining pattern hinted it was Kangaroo, the lightest, strongest leather available, but nowhere near as strong, or light, as the ranger carbon fiber mix outerwear.

John, appeared to read his thoughts, or perhaps followed his eyes, and remarked, The ranger vest is sewn in, it is the lining. An old trapper turned me on to the idea of adding leather early in my career, saved my bacon once when a bear took a bite.


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