Underwater - no googles

Blink wasn't waterproof, but since core 64s, used bluetooth for audio connections instead of a jack, she was largely water resistant. XXX had managed to throw her off the bridge when the harvesters came so the core device had evaded capture for the moment, but was near a drowning death.

YYY, shadowing XXX along the riverbank saw Blink's splashdown. "I have to get to her", he thought. But, I can't see through the turbid waters with their glacial till. Time was wasting, the river with its glacial carved granite bottom was not deep, but there was a perceptible current seeking the calm of sea level. Find Blink now, or lose her forever.

YYY remembered, a childhood game from his neighborhood pool, long since abandoned with grass growing up through the cracks in the concrete. If you held your hands by your face before you put it in the water, you could create an air bubble. This served as a lens to see through the water even without a diving mask or googles. YYY walked into the water, for the spot Blink had taken her dive. As he moved forward, he started calculating, he peeked at ten meters down stream, no joy. He kept moving, conscious of the path of the current, again, again, and joy. He found and retried her. YYY took cover behind a fallen tree holding Blink close. Extraction from the water was one thing, reuniting her with her system while the harvesters were seeking them was quite another.


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