D Cody runs the route for Guy - weird van 1.9

Traveler had his new home in Hanalei dialed in, acoustic arrays, cameras, and his escape routes ranging from a catamaran on the beach, to a choice of vehicles, so he left Cody Boy with Guy in the time share.

After Guy was settled, Cody slid the screen door open to run his route. It shouldn't take long, he knew the routes from the weeks Traveler was living there, this would be a quick trot to see what changed. Lihi park was still the same, a must to avoid if at all possible, he stayed on his route and didn't look, or change pace when people would call, "hey puppy" and such to him. Puppy? Really?

There was a van parked in the grass triangle that borders the former train track to pineapple dump.

That is weird Cody thought, sour smelling darkness, his fur raised. As he trotted further away, he felt better. Leaving nothing to chance, he rounded the block and headed North a block parallel to the choppy sea, passing a fluffy orange cat, best to leave that one alone, he is sharp. Staying on the edge of the grass triangle next to the road he would pass 5, maybe 6 meters from the car. As he got closer, he felt it again, piloerection, he had a connection, immediately Cody turned away.

Need iBone, he thought. He used his snout to pull out his device, laid it on the ground pointing at the car and used his paw to press the BLUE BUTTON twice. GOOD BOY CODY. It would take a picture and readings that he could take back to Guy. He replaced his iBone and avoiding the car, made his way back to Pono Kai.

Guy heard him when he scratched on the screen door and let Cody in. The dog was staring at him intently, pulled out his iBone, and resumed staring. Do you want to catch up on your pee mail, Guy asked Cody. Cody added the quietest whimper to his stare, thinking to himself, Guy is as deaf as a doorpost.

Guy, finally realized Cody must want something and picked up the iBone. He switched it into human mode, saw the picture Cody had taken. He looked at the readings the device had taken. It was spitting out energy, wonder what the power source was? He collected the photo and the readings, compressed them into a doggy bag, (iBone equivalent of a gzip file), and used the snoutbook interface to Traveler and a Circle analysis group.

Come on boy, he said to Cody, let's take a WALK. Cody loved walks, but he was pretty sure this meant going to the weird van. Guy, activated the police scanner in his model 3 Q phone, ran that stream into his left earbud and off they went.

They walked down the path across the bridge in to Lihi park, but turned Mauka at the bathroom facility. When they got to the intersection, they turned South, but Guy could see a couple police cruisers parked nearby. Let's go the long way, he said to Cody. They turned around, went Makai back to the path, turned South, but a block away, overshot Panihi road, and then started closing back in.

Police radio: Every couple cars that pass by green triangle just shut down. People trying cut in line da highway got beef.
Woah, pau like pork on da Pali?

Guy could see the energy field with just his eyes, but that is impossible, you can't see energy, well unless there is a lot of it. Or unless it isn't just energy. The rangefinder on the iBone indicated Cody shot his photo from about 40 meters and the instrumentation showed the strongest frequency was about 1.5 THz, best not to stand too close, too long. Using his Q to range, he stationed Cody and his iBone about 50 m away, Cody WAIT. He shot from another 20 meters back, that would give them readings of 40, 50, and 60m. Took some photos, including a tele of a law enforcement officer speaking with a local, possibly the driver or owner of the van. Cody COME, Cody picked up his iBone and came to Guy. All gear away, the headed back to the condo, the long way.

iBone Notification: Cody Boy Doggy Bag
Traveler unpacked the doggy bag, looked at the pictures, recognized the man the police were speaking to, he was a sneakernet courier. Something he had in his van packed a lot of power, and apparently, it was leaking.


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