Characters, Sci Fi elements and Vocabulary


The "Gang of nine", "gang" is first mentioned in 1.3 a bit informally, 1.5 strengthen the meaning, 1.15 lake house, (post collapse - book 2), billionaires that have teamed together to try to make sense of the world around them. Introduce and characters develop in book 1. Gang of seven is post HNMNBM, some are, some were former, some never.

Wonk, Lion, beaver, a touch of crow, second youngest of the seven. Not HNMNBie, jokes he likes fleece too much, American/Filipino, Escrima. He makes his money running close to the edge; giving great service, respect the edge. Started with Hot and Friendly Bikini Barrista, (later renamed Curvaceous Coffee), (his sister was the first bikini barista), quickly came to understand the economics of coffee and at a time when coffee was getting harder to come by with climate change. Next he opened Backcomb Hair spa which benefitted from doing the fittings for WTG tacticals, (bullet/fire resistant clothing). The contacts with law enforcement who love the tacticals got him interested in the safefy and security business. He starts to accumulate individuals with the Physical Security Expert, (PSE) certification. Struggles with faith issues, Rev Slocomb is a guiding force. He is like Lot in the Bible, faces, stands, sits, near/in Sodom, but isn't of Sodom. He is happiest when he is taking care of business. He is going to get married at the end of book 1 and largely ride off into the sunset in book 2.
He also happens to be a genetic match for a Blue Circle, but no hemophila. People, chiefly Yolanda prize his DNA, a bit like breeding dogs. He may be a clone or may have been cloned. He calls is AI MiniWonk, MiniWonk.AI.
Wonk has the leading role in book 1.

Traveler Rutherford Hayes
, Beaver, Golden, Lion, Crow, founder of HNMNBM, (meant it as an elaborate joke, but it went viral), third youngest of the 7, patient, passions mostly under control, sometimes irritated, engineer, made his fortune with invention of low cost carbon fiber. Traveler is a Christian, unabashed, if it becomes a crime, there is enough evidence to convict him; the Serenetist denomination, (seeker of serenity). Fun loving,  More practical than intellectual. Traveler is of privileged birth and was in school since he was in diapers. In 1.7 we see an example of Crow.
From 1.2: Traveler. He stood out I’ll give you that, auburn hair, sun tints, tanned leather face for one in the springtime of life, especially in the land of cold rain. Orange spectacles, he would patiently explain, they aren’t orange, they just look that way since they block blue frequencies. A sense of peace, one of his close friends calls him the “balm of calm”. He has trained in Aki Jujitsu his entire life aware that he is a hemophiliac. He becomes the leading man at the end of book one.

??? When does he meet Rev. Slocom?
Traveler is the leading man in book 2, the emergence of the world from a crisis of debt confidence.

Guy, Pronounced GEE, Tremblay, Crow, Otter, Not HNMNBie, French Canadian, youngest of the seven, builder software, non-practicing Catholic. Runs cross country, bit of a party animal. Guy is a "test tube genius"; modfinalistan was prescribed for ADHD symptoms resulting in a sharply skewed IQ towards STEM issues, and in his case coding. The drug has been taken off the market because it also leads to a shortened lifespan, persons that took the drug tend to die about 30 years after the first instance of prolonged use. Guy as a geek didn't have a girlfriend in high school, but now hangs with the Net Girls. We learn he rides a motorbike in 1.5. Wonk's HS friend, Traveler's boyhood best friend and now business partner.
(leading role in book 3)

Yolanda, Otter, Lion, second oldest, often called Yo, bigger than life,  African Ameriasian/Jewish, but not religious, confirmed cougar that collects young men's sperm. Traveler's close friend, (and Godmother). She was born of Gloria's mother, but was implanted, but they treat each other as sisters. In 2.1 we introduce the Children of Yolanda, Ahuva Girl is her GSD. She is an Otter in more than one way, almost a witch, super influencer. Blue Circle, wealth probably cannot be measured. Hemophiliac. She is passing the most gorgeous period of her life, but still wears beauty well. She is very picky about clothes, jewelry, but also knows life on the road, weapon of choice is a dagger. As the story goes she gets more extreme. She starts out HNMNBie, but HNN starts to polarize just a bit against the flat earth party. Then she gets hooked up with a numerologist to branch H Coin and moves further into the occult. In Green Bay, High Table breaks fellowship with her, but negotiates to give her control of Depository II sans the seed gold Traveler, Gizmo, Wonk, Angelica invested. Controller and Pedro elect to stay with her and Procipus. She gets to Madagascar just in time to lead the defense of an attack by Somalian pirates and her vengance is swift and sure.

Gloria Silver, Retriever, Otter, Israel, becomes a Messianic Jew in book 1, mentioned in 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 spins up the jewelry stores, put Rhea in charge, Aliyah to Israel. Wonk's second lay and possibly love. She and Fozia become very fast friends to Wonk's consternation. She has a major role in supporting Wonk in book 1, then Traveler, without her sacrifice there wouldn't be a book 2. Silver said that three Jewish precepts stand out:  ethos of living a clean life;  the Golden Rule; and the Jewish obligation to practice Tikkun Olam, Hebrew for “repairing the world.”

Gizmo PhD,  1.5, Crow, Beaver, Retriever, Puerto Rican, caught in the disenfranchisement, oldest of the seven, builder of high priced desirable machines such as submarines, mechanical, loves music, sense of humor, Catholic, quiet believer, attends Karios. His two largest ships serve as material science educational laboratories. bit of a limp, arthritis. He dies in book 1.

Pedro, 1.5, Crow, Lion, call me Pete, Gizmo's son, driven, "yeah, I was in youth group". DACA refugee, his father has gifted him a couple personas, it's not as easy as it once was. Angelica is his very close friend, but they are not yet lovers. He was in the process of stepping into his father's shoes to run his Keiretsu, when his house in Puerto Rico was attacked. He ended up killing some of the attackers and went on the run causing Crow to give way to Lion. Pedro is one year older than Traveler.

Angelica Crow, Beaver, Otter (influence not fun loving), Russian blond by heritage USA, (Ketchikan Alaska), born.  Won a robotic contest at age 12, kickstarter robot at 16, sold her first company and started over Open robot forensic scientist, robot herder, AI forensicator, early leader in the HNMNBie movement, H Coin, helped her partner Yolanda take it underground, (sort of, HNMNBies are hapless). She is the most pragmatic character in the book. Amoral, there is not right or wrong in her book, only win or lose. She doesn't agree with everything Yolanda does, but always frames it in the context of this isn't helping us win. At Green Bay, she has no difficulty siding with Blue Circle; they are almost certainly the winning team.

Operator, 1.4, Retriever, Beaver, quad. Essentially a paralyzed man/machine interface. Lives in Crypt Valley, Zug, Switzerland. Past: got injured riding with his best friend. Becomes one of the most powerful men in the world, thee Global Fed.  In terms of family, everyone kinda drifted away after he got hurt. Nurse Nancy is still with him, trusted confidant, caretaker. His trophy wife divorced after a year, he bears her no ill, she says he is her favorite diverce. Friends, Global Fed is a lonely job, certainly his mentors Gizmo and Skip. He lives in the operating system of sound, there are acoustic arrays, the good stuff, wherever he goes, can't move my hands, but I can talk.  Reputation, trustworthy, careful, patient, discreet. Believer, priest actually, in .AI, (DOT.AI. Interests, big fan of live music, but only for so long, art, especially fond of some of the AI art. H Coin was a dream of his, he was the trustmark.

Book 1 Incidental characters

Joshua Clinton, (Josh), Chairman of The High Table of the Blue Circle, NeoPuritan, never stops wealthy, but likes burgers, remembers everyone's name, kids birthdays, etc, 72 years old, very old close friend of Gizmo, like the look of Traveler

Blue Circle Dogs Ahuva girl, GSD, way above average, GSDs channel alt right, (Retrievers were centrists and frowned on by GSDs). She is the most intelligent of the 3 dogs in the book. She is a guard dog, but also really appreciates walks, especially with Wonk.

Cody boy, labrador retriever, Traveler's dog, there is a truce of sorts twixt him and Ahuva, Cody is a certified vision imparied service dog and ALWAYS knows the exits. Loves the surf on North shore. He tolerates other people, but is truly loyal to Traveler.

Bandi boy, GSD, Rhea's dog, wants to be alpha, but his paws are too big, 1.8 Once he grows up, he is the most effective fighter of the three dogs in the book. Bandi has a bit of a hero complex.

Robodog, not on a par with Circle dogs, but can be programmed to do a task and doesn't need air.

Clarissa, Lion, Otter, Family: Wonk and Shari's mom, Past: wanna be grunge/punk rock front Filipino woman; it had never worked out, dad, a semi-retired submarine captain played bass in her garage band. She still looked the part to some extent, short denim skirts, PNW boots, silver dagger earrings dangling.
Her big book 1 quote:

Clara Bow, CB, Otter, Retriever, a full figured, caucasian, curly haired lady, sought after match maker and romance coach.

Fozia, Retriever, Otter, (influence), who loves Wonk despite his business orientation. Sturdy frame, lovely girl that can take a fall, roller derby queen, swimming is her favorite sport, she has perfected her crawl since she was a tadpole, you won't see her splash. Pretty calm, in control of her emotions and environment. Refuses to let talk about his business, you do that all day honey, talk to me. Greek Orthodox, if you are outsider you would think it is cultural, family knows she stays right with God.  

Harold, a mouse of a man. Harold inherits some money when his mother passes and buys a wedding photography business that looks good, but is failing. He works in a call center, is laid off when they use a robot. He gets a job through Eli for special photographs and learns a bit about HNMNBies and Blue Circle. He is found by the prospective Blue Cresent. He dies an untimely death strangled by a Flat Earth Politician. A photo of that event circulates, the question is, who took the picture.

Johnny Net, cute boy with a white T Shirt, originally dated Chara, but was sensitive to her pheromones. He is a cabana boy for the Net Girls.

Lillian Russell, failing news publisher, LRN was purchased by Yolanda and rebranded HNN. She enter's Yolanda's orbit, helps her with her bias engine and with CB, becomes one of her attendants.

Netgirls, Guy's friends, Cisco, Pao Alto, Cybesecurity, knew their tech cold, like to party, bg, gg, swing, 1.3 grope a girl, (net girls will let you do it for free). Coral, 9mm 1.8, Clara, .50 redhead, 1.8, 1.9, brutally strong. Chara, .45, 1.9, mouse brown hair, sex phenome, Carla, blond twin Glock 9mms,  1.8
Chara is introduced in 1.1, we learn her apartment is within line of sight of Carla. Carla and Chara meet shopping for a theme party. they meet Clara at the party.

Rhea, Dr. Rhea Anastas Tremblay, Beaver, Retriever. Lion, (as a dog trainer),  Guy's mom, Greek, his dad Jacques Tremblay and mom met on a dig in Tassos when he was on his summer trip after graduating engineering school in Quebec. Classic beauty, of the ages. Her hair couldn't seem to make up its mind between black, brown, red, with highlights of each. Straight, relaxed posture, seemingly amused at all that she saw, unless they flashed of anger, she was, after all the product of centuries of warfare. She is a financial dominatrix, men feel good giving her money. Greek Otthodox church, but rarely attended, Guy was christened as a Catholic in his father's church. She takes over the jewelry store after Gloria makes Aliya. Her observation, retail is going down fast, but there are some great people/great talents. If you are going to sell at the high end, you need to attract them.
Her big book 1.2 quote:

Jacques Tremblay, Guy's father, we mention he has passed in 1.4, how does he die?

Shari, Retriever, Wonk's sister, fox, great pies Past: Future: Nurse Family: divorced Friends: Job: Reputation: Beliefs: Interests: Prejudice:

AIs Traveler's souped up chatbot
Mycroft, Guy and the Net Girls shared a network of AIs
Night_Marcher.AI a rough you up bot, goal was to make you unhappy, but not to kill or permanantly damage
POTUS45.AI - construct created by all the tweets, articles, newsclips, video, interviews of the 45h president.

Deep State (all named after American Revoltionary spies)

Hercules Mulligan, Herc,  discovers Traveler in 1.6 causing him to flee
Benjamin Tallmadge the man with the yellow socks
Henry K. Van Rensselaer embedded with Robusts
John Honeyman
Philip Mazzei


LNCA and LNCB, Adrian't two Lincoln Navigator C, (Carbon), LNCA and LNCB, each was equipped with each other's license plate, so they could switch back and forth, why not, Adrian owns both of them.

PNWRVs, the Fernow, best selling item, and the Stuart, tricked out. Fernows were sometimes converted to roadblock busters.

Book 2 new characters

NOTE: Amber is called in book 1 after Adrian's PA, early in book 2 she decides she wants to be her own persona. Amber.AI, trained by one of these personal assistants of 2020 era, but with Adrian's private back end crawler. It had been learning from each of Adrian's execs. "behind any successful man is a great woman" to the tune of Sisters are doing it for themselves Adrian AI's theme song:
EA1 = Eve, Otter Lion, athlete, super organizer, brought order out of chaos. She gets introduced during 1.5
EA2  = Sarah (auntie Sara), Crow, lion, she started the development of Amber, starting with a chatbot of Eve to handle routine
EA3 = Carla, Crow, otter, she supercharged Amber and began development of her security subsystem
EA4 = Yoshika, Retriever, beaver, martial artist, first EA to also be part of his security system
EA5 = Carla, Retriever, beaver, she comes into play at the end of book 2.
Jasper, Lion Beaver and Agate, Beaver Crow, retired CEO, COOs from No Problem Airservice. 1.7
Hank - ex Hotshot, ex-special ops, couldn't seem to stand crowds, 50 tall, lean, jeans, western shirts was one of the first Broch towers, then a Hotshot bunkhouse, later a settlement. Can we introduce Hank in book 1, as a guide protector to Adrian out west?

JB - 60, experienced weapons system engineer. Becomes Chief Weapons Officer for the marines.

Johan Muire - 35 had only slept indoors 3 nights in the past decade. He loved the outdoors and had found that he could pay for needed supplies by working as a naturalist. "You can think of it as a Lewis and Clark type mission except that you will be solo much of the time and the territory is far smaller. We need some high precision measurements and some sensors deployed."

Jasmine and Keesha, two mature ladies that were both highly qualified marksmen, hot shot fire fighters and sustenance farmers signed up for the first watch at High Point Tower at Broch Viavik. They were both artists and the job paid enough for their supplies and gave them time to work their crafts.

Science Fiction Elements

Carbon fiber, global warming climate change is a dominant theme in the book. The Traveler/Gizmo set of processes to sequester carbon is critical. Products that depend on variation of this include:

- Carbon fiber fencing
- Tactical clothes, including heavy duty military/law enforcement variants
- RVs
- After market cars
- Gizmo's smugglerines and Skips Higgins boats
- Building supplies
- Houseboats for ocean rise areas, mostly Lousiana in book 1
- Aircraft including lighter than air, (introduced in book 1)

Presence is a supercommunicator, very high end conference tool, can also be used for data transfer. The advantage is that it allows non-verbal cues to be transmitted over distance.

Q phones, handheld does it all

iBone, Q phone for Blue Circle dogs
Blue Circle dogs are dogs with about a 50 - 70 IQ

NeoRats, the result of experiments injecting human brain tissue into rats. Because of their fast gestation cycle, we have evolution and natural selection to deal with.

Robots, .ais with servo motors, important culturally, this is the era we are adjusting to job loss, but also, young people that grew up with bots, (botxennials). Bots include:
- Combat drones
- Utility drones
- Self-drive cars
- Pleasure bots
- Utility bots, (cleaning etc)
- Cooking bots from pizza to Guy's microkitchen
- Wildfire bots

AIs, book 1 is still the pre-singularity era, thus all AIs have some degree of human oversight and goal construction even if one step removed.
.ai is a personal assistant with limited power/training/resources
.AI is a supersized .ai
There are some unique AIs that have massive resources, but are still not fully conscious:
- The anthropology AI that compiles this story from eye witness accounts
- The union of credit records and social media
- Deep state has several vastly resources AIs
- Eve.AI is just on the edge of being a unique personality AI

Sneakernet, extranet, blockiamond, we see alternatives to public Internet, sneakernet is important because we can move huge chunks of replicated data around. The biggest example is the HNMNBie library.

Modfilistan and Ritfilistan experimental drugs given to kids diagnosed with ADHD, both removed from the market. Both cause early death. Modfilistan expands left brain, Ritfilistan, right.
One ramification we see in book 2 is that Mods push "normie" mathematicians aside because they are so much better, and as they die off, there is a serious shortage of human STEM workers.

H Coin, cryptocurrency backed by gold, (at 1st level), becomes the "in" currency, just like Q is the "in" phone.
Principus branch of H Coin, replaces proof of work with proof of spell, (numerology), well suited to blockiamond, (lab created crystal), storage. However, proof of spell results in huge amounts of "wierd" energy being stored. If suddenly released can have consquences in the "real" and paranormal world.


Blue Circle A group of inter-related customer supplier corporations. Most owner/CEO/founder's are worth more than a billion. The exceptions are owners of corporations that have special skills for which Blue Circle wants an exclusive.

Crowup, build something as only a crow can.

HNMNBM His Name Must Not Be Mentioned, HNMNBies are a sort of a whacky techo-cult, would never have amounted to much except for gold backed HCoin or HNMNBCoin.

NOOU, or NOOUs, Not One Of Us


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