The "Gang of seven", seven post collapse billionaires that have teamed together to try to make sense of the world around them.
Adrian, second youngest of the 7, (23), patient, passions mostly under control, sometimes irritated, engineer, made his fortune with invention of the XXX. Serenetist, (seeker of serenity). Fun loving, John Shumacher. More practical than intellectual. Adrian is of privileged birth and was in school since he was in diapers.
From 1.2Adrian. He stood out I’ll give you that, auburn hair, sun tints, tanned leather face for one in the springtime of life, especially in the land of cold rain. Orange spectacles, he would patiently explain, they aren’t orange, they just look that way since they block blue frequencies. A sense of peace, one of his close friends calls him the “balm of calm”. If he were a martial art he would be cross between Tai Chi and Aikido.
Yolanda, often called Yo, 42, bigger than life (Kerry Kepple), confirmed cougar, probably Adrian's closest friend
Wonk, born 5-5-12 shares the date with Adele and Karl Marx. The "bad boy" of the 7. He made his money running close to the edge. Started with Bikini Barrista, (his sister was one), quickly came to understand the economics of coffee and at a time when coffee was getting harder to come by with climate change. Next he opened Gentleman Jim's Hair SPA Wonk realized that with pornography rampant, sex per se, couldn't sell, but the Geisha concept certainly could.

= = =
Gloria 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 spins up the jewelry stores, put QQQ in charge, aliya to Israel.

Gizmo,  older man, loves music, sense of humor, Catholic, quiet believer. Hispanic descent, teller of the story, mechanical engineer, bit of a limp, arthritis, Gizmo's song is God of this city Chris Tomlin

Amber AI, trained by one of these personal assistants of 2020 era, but with Adrian's private back end crawler. It had been learning from each of Adrian's execs. "behind any successful man is a great woman" to the tune of Sisters are doing it for themselves Adrian AI's theme song:
/* Is Amber intelligent? */

Hank - ex Hotshot, ex-special ops, couldn't seem to stand crowds, 50 tall, lean, jeans, western shirts was one of the first Broch towers, then a Hotshot bunkhouse, later a settlement. Can we introduce Hank in book 1, as a guide protector to Adrian out west?

JB - 60, experienced weapons system engineer. Becomes Chief Weapons Officer for the marines.

Johan Muire - 35 had only slept indoors 3 nights in the past decade. He loved the outdoors and had found that he could pay for needed supplies by working as a naturalist. "You can think of it as a Lewis and Clark type mission except that you will be solo much of the time and the territory is far smaller. We need some high precision measurements and some sensors deployed."

Jasmine and Keesha, two mature ladies that were both highly qualified marksmen, hot shot fire fighters and sustenance farmers signed up for the first watch at High Point Tower at Broch Viavik. They were both artists and the job paid enough for their supplies and gave them time to work their crafts.


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