D Dad, why did you name me Wonk? 1.7

Clarissa was in the kitchen, and the question just popped into his head, "Mom, why did you and dad name me Wonk?"

You will have to ask your father, he pushed for it. Wonk decided to do just that. He walked into the living room, as usual the lights were out. His dad was in his easy chair, he was there a lot of the time, pretty much all of his waking hours unless Clarissa was jamming, he would pick up his bass, he seemed very at peace. His jacket was hung over the door of the cabinet to his right, he always had his shoes on, he could be out the door in 10 seconds, but mostly he sat.

Wonk knew the basics, dad was a sub driver, a Navy captain, respected, medals, not a blemish on his record, then something happened. He had a retirement from the Navy, from time to time a car would come to get him and he would go to the Navy Yard a couple kilometers away to consult, those were the blue checks. Between mom's record payments, dad's retirement, and the blue checks, they lived comfortably enough. Nobody really wanted to buy anything.

Dad used to watch TV with the sound off, an old 1080p thing, one day it started crackling and an electric smell rose in the room, his father jumped quick as a mongoose and unplugged it. They never replaced the TV, it went out in the eTrash. These days he often had a history book, when he wasn't reading, it sat open on his lap.

Wonk entered the room. Hey dad. No response. I have a question. No response. I was wondering, I mean, Wonk is kind of an odd name, why did you name me Wonk?

His father grabbed a legal pad and BIC stick pen and wrote:

Don't know.
Didn't know.
Can't know.
..... left a few lines blank
Couldn't accept Know, chose Wonk. YOUR NAME IS WONK.

And that was it, he was still there, still breathing, but he was gone, checked out. Wonk kept the paper. Couldn't accept Know, chose Wonk. Maybe it is for the best, Know Traveler, Know Yolanda, well, I guess I do, the young man grinned.

A word that is spelled backwards, and has the same meaning is called a palindrome. Two well known examples are hannah and racecar. While Wonk sometimes means someone that wants to know about a topic, this is not a palindrome.


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