HNMNBM Trilogy Pitch

Elevator Pitch:
This is science fiction, HNMNBM is book one, there is a rough outline for a trilogy. Starts the day after tomorrow. Above all, these are the stories of three young men, Wonk, Traveler, Guy, coming of age and each in turn taking a leadership role on the world stage. The challenges they face include a world of increasing surveillance by governments that have lost the sense of right and wrong, a nervous disorder growing among the young, declining opportunity, violence in the streets, natural disasters relating to climate change and pollution. There are also strong positive forces in each of their lives: individual prosperity, (doing well while doing good), technology especially AI and bots and while different for each man, a faith in God.

Fictional artifacts, or story building blocks, include:
AI, driverless cars, pilotless planes etc
A cheap source of carbon fiber that is an anti-pollutant
WTG tacticals, bullet proof clothings
BlendIT, light aware camo
Blue Circle, Blue Bloods descended from royalty and the Circle of people around them
HNMNBies, a somewhat confused movement of wealthy liberals
Animals with greater intelligence than the real world, Blue Circle dogs and rats that some idiot placed human brain cells in.

Why this book should sell:
Classic story elements: sex, drama, violence, good versus evil, approachable, believable developed characters
A tight balance between science fiction and real world plausibility, the story could also be categorized a thriller
Solid writing, author is published with successful non-fiction works

HNMNBM  (Wonk's Story) 2022 - 2042ish

Wonk wants to be a "fun lover" but he is inwardly driven to "take care of business", more successful than he sometime wishes, a gifted operator, fairly conservative, straight arrow, beds some women, chiefly Yolanda and Gloria in book one, but avoids the playboy millionaire, social drinker learns to prefer wine and appreciate restaurants, Escrimadora.  He lives life on the edge, one slip and he lands in the "dark side". He has the benefit of a relationship with Reverend Slocom who prays for him and is always willing to provide the Christian gospel perspective without judging.

Wonk falls in love with Fortia, they marry, have 2.5 children etc. He has blue blood genes without hemophilia. We don't fully see the import of this till book 2 with Yolanda's children, (Wonk spelled backwards in Know, the name of his oldest son and a bit of a villain in book 2). Wonk is probably a clone. Wonk is pressed to the max in book 1 and takes a bit of a Sabbatical for the beginning of book 2.

Traveler is ascetic, tree hugger, Christian, as far as the book knows, a virgin until Leilani. As the son of a Blue Circle, he is nobility, but grasps the reins of power gently in book 1. Traveler, is not soft at all though, he has a Michael of the Godfather side to him. He does not favor restaurants, cooks, favors organic, GMO free food. He falls in love with Leilani while in Hawaii, she is taken from him. He never remarries.

Guy is the friend stuck between his very different buddies. He has mad skills as a cyber crow, but sees the benefits in both of his friends approach to life, a faithful follower, but no pushover. In book 1 he is a bit of a party animal, his hookup with the Net Girls at times is not actually beneficial, but ever so much fun.

HNMNBie a movement, almost a cult, is essentially the foil against privacy and cybersecurity invasions into our lives, by governments, large NGOs and corporations, (especially large corporations). HNMNBies are described further here.

Who does not move to book 2?
Gloria dies early in the last chapter protecting Traveler.
Traveler loses Leilani near the end of the book, (engaged, but never kissed OR they get married, she dies carrying his unborn son)?

Blue Circle (2) (Traveler's Story) 2042 - 2062 ish
The day of reckoning has come. Massively over-leveraged households, businesses, corporations, city, state, national, international are caught with a shortage of cash. Those operating with no debt and solid power infrastructures have a massive advantage. Traveler may be the father of the HNMNBIE movement, but he is not actually one, he is Blue Circle where he ascends to a leadership position. The main thrust of book 2 is to save as much as possible against the falling darkness.

There is a strong need for warriors, security forces, Traveler tries to balance the use of force, with the need to protect "the civilized world".

Using the circle in Blue Circle, they try to build islands of safety. As resources get tight, people want what they have. Know, Wonk's eldest child, rebels and with his knowledge rebels against Blue Circle, David and Absolam style.

CITIA (3) (Guy's Story)
Guy is an old man, probably 80, but medical care, when available, is out of this world. Wonk has died in 2 peacefully, wife, children at his side and been gathered to his fathers. Adrian, passes, early in 3.
Crows are the leaders of society and heavily depend on warrior lions. These are bloody times. We have all the technology we need, but are way past flash in the pan buildings and inventions. As Traveler showed the way, building are built to last a thousand years, but there aren't enough of them. 4 billion people probably died in book 2, Blue Circle, gentle nods to Revelation, a less populous, more resource focused, way lower on the Maslow hierarchy humanity is the norm. The world is a lot like Puerto Rico after the hurricane.

A lot of effort is made to interconnect the successful Blue Circle settlements and build a city, a place of learning, Citia.

The intense drama is to not become barbarian, for Citia not to become the modern Babylon.


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