The lemur dream - Skip and Amphibious transport

When Wonk and Yolanda spoke, be mentioned Charles Vanderbilt's lemur dream. Yolanda smiled. Amphibious cars and buses would be nice. There was a transportation problem near Depository II getting crops, even mine products to market. And, if they could make development near the water more attractive, it might slow down the destruction of the rain forest inland. That alone should be enough to convince Traveler to part with $100M or so to fund the startup. She would be seeing Skip in a few days and resolved to chat about it.

= = =

Yolanda and Skip were chatting in his RV's queen size bed relishing that feeling of peace that follows satisfying the itch of wanting to make love. Lazily, in no particular order, she started to tell him about the idea, almost certain he would begin production the next day. Instead, Skip kindly and patiently burst her bubble.

Nice dream Yolanda and what a fun toy, an amphibious car. I had heard they are getting a following in certain swampy areas that are feeling the impact of rising sea levels. But a dream doth not a new product, especially a complex product, make. I am an engineer, not a dreamer. I've been successful building RVs primarily by sticking with one wheelbase. The global market for amphibious cars and buses is maybe 5k total. It would have to be purpose built, but a simple fact remains that they have learned since WWII remains, it is better to build cars for land, boats for water. All of the hybrids to date are really limited, they can only operate in a small number of conditions.

Let's say, just for the sake of argument that you are correct, global warming, inundation of expensive developed land will result in an increase market demand for hydro/terra flexible transportation, the South Carolina example. The problems you will run into include: limited landing spots, limited terra firma range, no extreme 4 wheeling, limited ability to operate in storm conditions on the water. In your use case, Madagascar, during the rainy season when there is enough water to make transportation possible, there will be limited power from the sun and a lot of that water will have high currents, burning even more power. During the dry season, plenty of power, limited water.

OK lover she drawled, you have done a great job of telling me about problems, what about solutions, running her hand unhurriedly up and down the inside of his leg?

A landing craft that could discharge an all terrain vehicle would be far more effective. There are a lot of designs to bridge boat to water. During the steamboat era, the majority of the stops were on undeveloped shore. We could revisit some of those designs. With a boom, we could unfold 4- - 50 meters of drivable bridge. It would be weight limited, but I could run some numbers.

We could use the Carbonado as the vehicle, just front seats, use the back for cargo, coffee, yams, and so forth to and from farms and villages. Then all we would have to do is build the boat and that is fairly straightforward. Solar roof, built for cargo and stability, not speed. I would build the boats in country though, just ship the Carbonados. We could even use the Carbonado power train for the boat, that would give you a redundant engine and they only things that would be exposed from a trade secret perspective would be the carbon fiber production and the boat design.

Ummm. What if the boat looked like a local botry. That is how most of the cargo gets around the island?

Interesting, makes building the boat a lot less straightforward. It is one of the friendliest places for wind craft in the world, excepting the typhoons of course. Sail power is a partial solution for power in the rainy season. Carbon fiber would stand out though, but Traveler's second generation systems will accept dye; they like colorful boats. Doable, it's doable.

And the boom you mention for the bridge, could it be done with the forward mast?

Now we have taken not straightforward to a whole new level. Not saying it can't be done, but I am not the guy, foul the rigging and everyone has a bad day. Why don't you take an action to query your Circle folks on the ground for a boat builder of something close?


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