Chapter 2 Summary

Somewhere between the next June and September

Gloria asks Wonk to accompany her to a Bat Mitzvah, (a Jewish coming of age ceremony). On the way, they stop at the North Bend outlets, Wonk buys a tactical wool sweater. Gloria tells him she hooked him up with her sister, Yolanda who drives up in a black polaris with a dog, Ahuva, riding shotgun. Wonk meets Clara Bow the lodge romance concierge who gives him a magic business card.

Wonk goes up to the library, snacks on a biscotti, and meets Traveler and his dog, Cody. They chat till Yolanda summons Wonk for her patented girlfriend experience. Afterwards, Wonk and Ahuva connect somewhat, all Blue Circle dogs are people whisperers, at least to some extent. Wonk is amazed he is having the same experience with Ahuva he has with Bandi Boy, who Rhea, Guy's mom is caring for.

He asks, Yolanda tells him more about HNMNBies. She shares the 4 pillars of HNMNBie: Don't feed evil, Support second chances, Cyberspace manifesto, Trust your higher power.  She then tells him he can ask two more questions. He asked what she does, she tells him she is a business person looking for a significant opportunity. He asks about the Jewish people. Yolanda explains that she is not Jewish by blood, but grew up in that culture and explains they are a people.

In Hell-ville Madagascar a research team is researching the dwindling bee problem, less bees, less pollination, less food. It matters because most of the world's vanilla, a very expensive spice, comes from Madagascar.

Frank Benlin, the mysterious force behind the Net Girls, is working with quantum entanglement for the Q phone. The Net Girls are the first to test it.

When Wonk got back to Everett, Guy is out playing with his robotic dog. He runs into some people that are apparently hostile about his dog, he had heard that was happening in various locations around the country. They run, when it was clear they might get caught, robodog faces them, engages his BlendIT and trips them.

There is an important discussion defining botxennials.

Guy recounts what he just learned about Robusts to Wonk.

Wonk remembers the story of Guy's parents meeting and agrees for Rhea to interview with Gloria for Bestow.

We switch to Roost and Yolanda. She and Clara Bow are talking about buying Lilian Russell News and rebranding as HNMNBie News Network and she does with Russell staying on as editor in chief.

 Traveler makes contact and invites Wonk to a lecture on the DISC model for AI enhanced marketing.
Traveler and Wonk go to the lecture and afterwards, postulate a fifth preference, the tool builder, the crow.

Wonk goes back to visit Slocom and postulates "disposable people". Slocom explains the Christian perspective.


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