Oppressed and Oppressor class removed from 1.7

= = = Wonk’s view of commercial air travel

Opressor class, the front of the airplane, tended to be the rich, spoiled snobs with the occasional rock star or Senator thrown in for variety. The seats were a bit bigger, and there was free booze if that’s your thing. In terms of food, you’ll do far better to stop at Subway enroute to the airport and get a footlong, they bake the bread fresh daily.

Opressed class, the long and getting longer, back of the airplane, more interesting people, booked with companion tickets, discount web sites, non-revenue travel, going to, or from, school. Shorter, thinner, younger, they compacted well into the rear of the plane seats. They were the bulk of the passengers, cargo, reason for the airline existence. Some of them were very wise in the ways of the systems, points whores, living on discounted flights, AirBNBs, but they had seen the world. Saavy, and now that he thought about it, perfect couriers for sneakernet blockchain related exchange, but that’s an insight for another time.


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