Table of Contents


  1. Year -50 Adrian and the fence - In this chapter, we need to introduce the gang of 7, (before it exists), need something on the West coast as well. Need to introduce the University. Need drama and character development. Adrian's friend is a pilot loves to fly moves "back east".
  2. 9/1/17 start development of Gizmo a la W. L.
    1. Impact of climate change, the west, carbon
    2. Adrian and the ranch, the fence, TOO SMALL TO FAIL
    3. The limitless supply meets the insatiable need, sinking carbon
    4. Carbanado X/C
  3. Year -40 Wiscasset
    1. Carbanado dealership
    2. Flying machines

  1. The Great Debt Collapse, (When Nations Default)
  2. The University
  3. Tom and Hardy in the Energized Particle Department
  4. Escape to Freedom
  5. The First Nuclear Site, Brotentide
  6. We Can Make Anything, but Not Everything
  7. First Ship In Class 30M Catamaran
  8. Broch Viavik, outpost learning to build a city
  9. The First City Site Around The City
  10. Catastrophe - Wild Fire - Climate Change
  11. Spreading Out, Towers, Clear Zones, Carbon Fiber
  12. A Pointless Naval Skirmish - Now What
  13. How Do You Weaponize A University? A City? Its Surroundings
  14. A Militia Attack Starts A Wildfire
  15. An Age Old Problem, Building Weapons On A Budget
  16. Change And Polarization
  17. The Least Force


Summertime with a kazoo and ukelele after the fresh faces new awakening kids get destroyed, showing what is left

Christian version of Haleluja Stephanie Authur's song

Ain't no love in the heart of the city Bobby Blues Band, can I do this wth kazoo, can it kind of bleed over to Sumnertime, (sort of)? An apartment in Nuovo di Bagnoregio

Road House Blues, Jeff Healy from the Movie

Radar Love YA Roadtrip

Glory glory hallelujah negro spiritual

Black Lives Matter Pastor Chris Harris

Middle Age Blues Saffire when YYY the cougar member of the gang of 7 seduces some young buck

Paradise (Daddy won't you take me back to muchelenberg country) John Prine

Good bad and Ugly showdown in Wiscasset at Carbanado Dealership

All along the watchtower Battlestar galactica soundtrack Vivek attack?

Lara Croft - Tomb Raider Soundtrack (Leftfield - Song Of Life )

Larry Howard - Everybody wants to go to heaven - great for fake news

God of this City - Chris Tomlin (maybe a Hezekiah like scene surrounded by a greater force)

Walk like a man

Nothing else matters - This could work with Adrian and Jane

Winter Song Celine Dion

Sisters are doing it for themselves A AI's theme song

Boulay Boulay Boom Expendables
Be nice for a wanton violence scene

Gotta get out of this place - The animals, Adrian is escaping in Black Sun, both body guards are dead.


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